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Sarai has a more exotic and refined feel than the common Sarah. The latter, however, actually came from the name Sarai, and is now much more popular. Sarai itself, however, is a top 500 name.

Meaning of the name Sarai:

Hebrew: princess

Origin of the name Sarai:

The baby name Sarai originated in the very first book of the Bible. It was the name given to Abram's wife in the Old Testament, meaning “princess.” After Sarai and Abram doubted God about having a child, he changed their names to Sarah and Abraham, which are more popular options in modern society.

Symbolism of the name Sarai:

Some say that Sarai means “princess,” but that the alternative Sarah means “my princess.” This difference in meaning may be due to the fact that Sarah became the leader of promised people after her name change and the birth of her child.

baby name Sarai

Style of the name Sarai:


Gender of the name Sarai:

Sarai has always been a name for girls, ever since it was used for Abram's wife in the Old Testament.

Pronunciation of the name Sarai:


Number of syllables in the name Sarai:


Emotion evoked from the name Sarai:

Sarai feels refined, regal, and upper class. This is especially true when considering that the name literally translates to “princess.”

Alternative spellings for the name Sarai:

  • Sarae
  • Sareigh
  • Saraie
  • Sarie
  • Saraih
  • Sari

Nicknames for the name Sarai:

Popularity of the name Sarai:

Sarai is a classical alternative to Sarah that did not become popular in America until the late twentieth century in 1987. It reached its highest ranking so far in 2009 at number 401. As of 2020, it ranks at 472, which is much lower than the alternative Sarah, which is number 87.

Related names for the name Sarai:

Great middle names for Sarai and their meanings:

  • Gabriella (devoted to God)
  • Milka (rivel, laborious, eager)
  • Rebekah (to bind)
  • Marina (from the sea)
  • Corrine (maiden, spear)
  • Magnolia (Magnol's flower)
  • Imogen (maiden)
  • Naomi (pleasantness)

Famous people with the name Sarai:

  • Sarai (wife of Abraham of the Old Testament)
  • Sarai Howard (rapper, Miss 86)
  • Sarai Givaty (professional model)
  • Sarai Sherman (painter)
  • Sarai Moreno (Paralympic swimmer)
  • Sarai Walker (novelist, “Dietland”)

Sarais in popular culture:

  • Sarai (character from “Strange the Dreamer”)
  • Sarai (character from “The Dragon Prince”)
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