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Sherlyn is a uniquely savvy baby name for girls. Reminiscent of mid-century modern culture, Sherlyn has an easygoing appeal that has made it popular throughout global media. Sherlyn is the name of a character in Star Freezer by Gregory Garcia, and Sherlyn Khurana is also a central character in the Kundali Bhagya series. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Sherlyn:

Sherlyn is a contracted form of the name Sherilyn. This name is an English variation of Cherilyn. The name Cherilyn combines the French endearment chérie (meaning “darling”) with the suffix –lyn (meaning “lake”). Alternatively, Sherlyn can derive from a combination of Sherry (originating from the Gaelic name Searrach to mean “foal”) and the given name Lyn.

Symbolism of the Name Sherlyn:

Sherlyn is one of several variations of Cherilyn. This name derives from the French term of endearment chérie (meaning “darling”). The endearment originates from the past participle of the French verb chérir (meaning “to cherish”). The universal symbol of this verb is the physical embrace.

Nicknames for the Name Sherlyn:

Sherlyn is a unique name for anyone! If you're interested in this name, check out the nicknames that go with it:

Style of the Name Sherlyn:


Gender of the Name Sherlyn:

Sherlyn is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the Name Sherlyn:


Number of Syllables in the Name Sherlyn:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Sherlyn:

The name Sherlyn evokes feelings of sweetness and serenity.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Sherlyn:

  • Sherlynn
  • Sherlyne
  • Sherlin
  • Sharalyn
  • Sherilyn

Popularity of the Name Sherlyn:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Sherlyn was the 892nd most popular baby name for girls in 2014. The name left the top 1,000 list after that.

Great Middle Names for Sherlyn and Their Meanings:

  • Aria (air, song, melody)
  • Astrid (divinely beautiful)
  • Coralie (coral, pebble, pearl)
  • Fayette (little fairy)
  • Godiva (gift of God)
  • Jolie (pretty)
  • Lucie (illumination, light)
  • Marisol (sea, sun, solitude)
  • Maya (good mother, magic, illusion, beloved)
  • Nancy (grace, favor)
  • Ramona (wise counselor, protective advisor)
  • Vera (faith, truth)
  • Zélie (solemn, pious, religious)

Famous People with the Name Sherlyn:

  • Sherlyn (character in Star Freezer by Gregory Garcia)
  • Sherlyn Khurana (antagonist in the Kundali Bhagya series)
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