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Terrill, in modern times, is more commonly known by its original spelling Terrell. Believe it or not, this urban name comes from an English surname that the French brought over after the Norman Invasion. The name, despite this urban and modern feel, however, has not been on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Index since 1988.

Meaning of the name Terrill:

English: to harvest, to pull

Origin of the name Terrill:

Terrill is a variation of the baby name Terrell. The latter was an English surname that came from Norman's nickname “tirel” during the Norman invasion. The nickname was used for those seen as stubborn. In recent times, the original Terrell became popular due to Civil Rights activist Mary Terrell.

Symbolism of the name Terrill:

The baby name Terrill meant “to pull” first as this was what the nickname “tirel” meant. This word, in the Middle Ages in England, became associated with pulling the harvest too. That is why some variations mean “to harvest.”

Style of the name Terrill:

Traditional as a surname and modern as a first name

Gender of the name Terrill:

The baby name Terrill is a powerful name for little boys.

Pronunciation of the name Terrill:

TEHR-el or tuh-REHL

Number of syllables in the name Terrill:


Emotion evoked from the name Terrill:

The baby name Terrill feels strong. In modern times, it also has a unique, urban feel to it.

Alternative spellings for the name Terrill:

Nicknames for the name Terrill:

  • Tee
  • Ter
  • Terri
  • Terrie
  • Terry
  • Rill

Popularity of the name Terrill:

Terrill was a top 1,000 baby name from 1943 to 1952, after which it disappeared from the list for 15 years. It came back from 1967 to 1981, ranking highest in 1975 at 756. The name did not come back again until 1988 at rank 978. Since that time, it has never been on the top 1,000 list again.

Related names for the name Terrill:

Great middle names for Terrill and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Terrill:

Terrills in popular culture:

There is no first name use of Terrill in popular culture. It was the last name for Ray Terrill in Marvel Comics.

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