Tim is often thought of as a nickname for Timothy, but up until 1985, many Americans used it as a given name in its own right. The Greek name has a strong meaning that will appeal to new parents of faith, and it's about as short and basic as you can get for a masculine name. Tim pairs well with a variety of middle names, and you'll find a long list of Tims across all corners of pop culture from over the years.

Meaning of the name Tim:

Greek: One who honors God

Origin of the name Tim:

Tim is derived from Timothy, which is derived from the Greek name Timotheus. Its elements mean “one who honors God.”

Symbolism of the name Tim:

New parents of faith may find great symbolism in the name Tim, based on its meaning alone. It's also a good choice to honor a loved one named Timothy.

Style of the name Tim:


Gender of the name Tim:

Tim is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Tim:


Number of syllables in the name Tim:


Emotion evoked from the name Tim:

The baby name Tim evokes images of someone who is very paternal and patient and makes a great teacher.

Alternative spellings for the name Tim:

  • Thim
  • Tym

Nicknames for the name Tim:

  • Timmy
  • Timmie

Popularity of the name Tim:

According to the Social Security Administration, Tim was a top 1,000 baby name for boys in the United States up until 1985. During the 1950s and 1960s, it even made it into the top 100. It last ranked at number 901 in 1985.

Related names for the name Tim:

Great middle names for Tim and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Tim:

  • Tim Allen (actor)
  • Tim Conway (actor)
  • Tim Hasselbeck (football player)
  • Tim Tebow (football player)
  • Tim Duncan (basketball player)

Tim in popular culture:

  • Tim (character in the movie “Robots”)
  • Tim(character in the DC Comics universe and alias of Robin)
  • Tim Riggins (character on the TV show “Friday Night Lights”)
  • Tim Taylor (character on the TV show “Home Improvement”)
  • Tiny Cratchit (character from the book and movies “A Christmas Carol”)