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Summer Pinwheels Printable

Summer Pinwheels Printable

Yay for summer! I love this time of the year because, kids are out of school, the grill is always hot, the grass is lush and green, for now anyways, and there is excitement for the summer days to come.

Even with the excitement, it seems like a few days into the summer vacation the kids get the “boredom busters”. Already!

I have designed a simple, fun printable you can create with your kids they will enjoy. Mix-n-match these fun, bright, summer patterns to create an assortment of pinwheels.


pinwheel_0010MNItems needed:

• Paper (Card stock works best if printing a pattern on each side of paper.)

• Scissors

• Metal Brad or Pin



Choose between 6 patterns. DOWNLOAD PATTERNS HERE. Have fun mix-n-matching!


• Download patterns.

• Print what pattern you would like then flip the paper over and print another pattern of your choice.

• Cut on the dotted line. When cutting to the center make sure to stop 1/4″ from the center. There is a tick mark showing where to stop cutting.

• Choose either all right corners or all left corners to fold towards the center.

• Secure pin or metal brad through all four corners and center.

2pinwheel_0009MN If you would like to make a cute pinwheel banner or decor, use a bright color metal brad.


If you want to make an actual pinwheel that spins use pin to secure the corners, centers, and through a pencil eraser.

I hope you enjoy creating with your kids. Have a great summer!

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