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The Most Expensive Schools In Vermont Today

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The Most Expensive Schools In Vermont Today

Vermont is one of the most gorgeous places to live. Known as the green mountain state, Vermont offers charming small towns, beautiful lush scenery, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

However, the educational system is one of the most underrated things about living in Vermont. This state has world-class education from kindergarten to college. It's also considered the most expensive education in the world.

Vermont offers some of the most expensive education that ranges up to $85,000. You might wonder, “What makes these schools so unique and expensive?”. In this guide, we'll explore the most expensive schools in Vermont and what distinguishes them.

The Most Expensive Schools In Vermont

The 4 oldest schools in Vermont are ancient.
The beautiful countryside is a great addition to the exceptional education of Vermont.

Vermont is in the top 25 of education in the United States, receiving a ranking of 15 out of the nation. One of the common things across all schools in Vermont is its low student-to-teacher ratio and smaller class sizes. The state also spends more on education than other states. While the schools in this list are much more expensive than the average private school, they also give students a chance to thrive. It teaches them how to think differently.

To understand these schools better, from elementary to college, we'll look at the most expensive schools and what makes them unique.

The Greenwood School

Located in the small town of Putney, Vermont, The Greenwood School is one of the most expensive schools in Vermont at $85,000 a year. It offers grades 6th through 12th and is especially focused on helping kids with dyslexia.

Since 1978, the 100-acre campus has offered students Signature Programs that include experimental learning that helps gives students a sense of self-confidence. Here are some of the things students learn at The Greenwood School:

  • Outdoor activities like rock climbing
  • STEAM Lab, workshop, and music
  • Rich programs in math, history, and science

Burke Mountain Academy

Located in Burke, Vermont, Burke Mountain Academy is another school that tops the list of the most expensive, with a tuition of $60,000 per year. The school offers 8th through 12th grades and is a highly specialized school focusing on ski racing.

The school was founded in 1970 with a singular approach: prioritizing ski racing for its students. The school offers programs that help students train for other ski races. However, there's also an academic focus, helping the community and building math, reading, and science skills.

One of the most unique things about this school is that teachers offer narrative evaluations. Teachers write narrative assessments for every student to give them specific oral feedback.

Fundamental principles of our academic program include:

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity
  • Developing critical skills
  • Building content and conceptual understanding

Middlebury College

Located in Middlebury, Vermont, Middlebury College is one of the most expensive higher education institutions in Vermont, with a tuition of $60,000.

The student population at this school has roughly 2,500 students and a student and teacher ratio of 8:1. It's one of the best colleges, ranking no. 11 among liberal arts colleges. It also has a high graduation rate of 94%. Founded in 1800, it was initially built to help train young men for the ministry. Today, Middlebury College has built a reputation as one of the most environmentally conscious colleges, focusing on the present issues.

Here are some of the most notable alumni to graduate from Middlebury College:

  • Jake Weber
  • Amanda Plummer
  • James Douglas
  • Robert Stafford

Bennington College

Bennington College is also one of the most expensive schools in Vermont, with a tuition of $76,000. Since its founding in 1932, Bennington College has become one of the most renowned liberal arts colleges in the country. It has nearly 800 students and a campus size of 441 acres. This is another school that offers the value of smaller class sizes with each student-teacher ratio at 10:1.

As a private school, Bennington College has a graduation rate of nearly 80%. It also has a retention rate of 80%.

Here are some of the most notable names that graduated from Bennington College:

  • Peter Dinklage
  • Alan Arkin
  • Donna Tartt
  • Tim Daly
  • Justin Theroux

Vermont Has a Lot to Offer

College Life
Vermont has some of the most beautiful campuses

Vermont is more than home to maple syrup. It has some of the best educational institutions in the nation on some of the most breathtaking landscapes. While the schools on this list are some of the most expensive in the state and the country, they also offer world-class education.

These schools give students smaller classes, supportive teachers, and an exceptional and challenging curriculum. These schools are designed uniquely to teach students so they thrive in education and beyond.

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