Rare Baby Names

Image The following are ways to find a name that is rare for your newborn baby.

Most parents will choose their baby's name before it is born. They look at the more popular names around such as Emily or James. However, many of today's parents are now looking for something that is a little more different or unusual. They search for rare baby names instead.

A rare name is one that you find isn't in a baby name book. Often, searching for a rare baby name can be a time consuming task for any would be parent. It is important that when choosing a name for your baby you make sure that the name isn't silly, as the last thing you want is for your child to spend the rest of their life being made fun of because of the name they were given at birth.

One of the best places today for looking for a name for your newborn baby that is both rare and unusual is through the internet. There are many sites which have been set up which hold thousands of different names. Often these sites will include names from other Countries such as India, China or the Philippines. They will include names that come from mythology from the bible as well has having hundreds even thousands of unique and exotic baby names. Even though the name may sound familiar, the way that this spelled can also lead to it being considered a rare baby name. For example: Aidan is a common name but you can make it a rare baby name by spelling it Aedan instead.

If you are really looking for some inspiration when considering a rare baby name for your newborn then you may want to consider having a look in the Bible or at some great works of literature. Certainly people like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and the Bronte sisters not only had the more popular names of the times in their stories for their characters, but on occasion they would provide names that were considered a little more unusual.

Any parent who has a baby on the way, the world is your oyster when it comes to finding rare baby names. Take your time, make lists, and in no time you'll have a name you love!


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