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Abbie is a diminutive of Abigail, Abraham, and Abbot. The use of Abbie as a stand alone name was first recorded in the United States in the late 1800s when the government first started tracking names. In the United States the preferred spelling is with a ‘y' instead of the ‘ie' though the latter is popular in the United Kingdom. To keep learning about this modern gem just look below.

Meaning of the name Abbie:

Latin: Head of Monastery
Hebrew: Joy of the Father (girl); Father of Light (boy)

Origin of the name Abbie:

English. Abbie didn't become a stand alone name until the late 1800s. However, Abigail, who was the third wife of King David in the Bible, has its origins in Hebrew.

Symbolism of the name Abbie:

Abbie has become a more popular choice for baby names as some new generations look for more cute and modern versions of sentimental family heirloom names.

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Style of the name Abbie:

Biblical and/or Traditional

Gender of the name Abbie:

Abbie is most often used as a girl's name, but there are instances of use as a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Abbie:


Number of syllables in the name Abbie:


Emotion evoked by the name Abbie:

Abbie evokes emotions of independence and fun while giving a graceful nod to the loyalty and strength insinuated by the root name Abigail.

Alternative spellings for the name Abbie:

Nicknames for the name Abbie:

  • Ab
  • Abs/Abz
  • B
  • Bebe

Popularity of the name Abbie:

Abbie had it's most popular year in 1900 when it ranked 316th. There was a resurgence in popularity in 2001 when it captured the 512th spot on the chart.

Related names for the name Abbie:

  • Abigail 
  • Abby 
  • Abbey
  • Abi(B/G)
  • Abbas(B)
  • Abner(B)
  • Abraham(B)
  • Ebnar(B)
  • Ebby(B)

Great middle names for Abbie:

Famous people with the name Abbie:

  • Abbie Hoffman (American social activist)
  • Abbie Cornish (Australian actress)
  • Abbie Mitchell (American soprano)
  • Abbie Lathrop (Mouse breeder and accidental genetics pioneer)
  • Abbie Myers (American tennis player)
  • Abbie Boudreau (American correspondent)
  • Abbie Farwell Brown (American author)
  • Abbie Eaton (Racing driver)

Abbies in Popular Culture:

  • “Gaslighting Abbie” (Song by Steely Dan)
  • Abbie Mills (“Sleepy Hollow” TV series)
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