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The name Brandin has many origins, mostly spelled as Brandon. From the Old English origin, it began as a surname. In Welsh, the name is derived from the name Bran. In the Irish language, it comes from the name Brendan which means prince.

Meaning of the name Brandin

Broom or gorse hill

Origin of the name Brandin

Old English

Symbolism of the name Brandin

Brandin is a survivor and always survives through hard times. He is confident and very patient. He understands what a gift life is. Brandin thrives on being financially secure and he is very organized, working hard to make that happen. He sets high goals and then strives to accomplish them with strong determination.

Style of the name Brandin

New age

Gender of the name Brandin

Brandin is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Brandin


Number of syllables in the name Brandin


Emotion evoked from the name Brandin

Brandin is a very practical person. He does not handle criticism well. Brandin may have some problems with relationships because he sometimes finds it hard to show his feelings. That can result in being insecure and prone to jealousy.

Alternative spellings for the name Brandin

Nicknames for the name Brandin

  • Bee
  • Bran
  • Dino

Popularity of the name Brandin

Brandin first came on to the popularity charts in 1984. It went up slightly in 1985 and 1986. Then in 1987, it dropped drastically. In 1988, it shot back up and peaked at its highest point. Then in 1989, it dropped down by half. By 1990, it was off the chart.

Related names for the name Brandin

  • Bracken
  • Braedon 
  • Braelin
  • Braidon
  • Brannen

Great middle names for Brandin and their meanings

Famous people with the name Brandin

  • Brandin Lea (American musician)
  • Brandin Adar Knight (American former professional basketball player)
  • Brandin Cooks (Football wide receiver)

Brandins in popular culture

There were no references to the name Brandin spelled in that way found in popular culture.

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