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Crissy is a cheerful and uplifting baby name for girls. Friendly in sound, this name remained widespread throughout 20th-century popular culture. Crissy is the name of the classic fashion doll from the Ideal Toy Corporation, and Crissy was also a character on the Degrassi series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Crissy:

Old Latin, Old Greek: Follower of Christ
Ancient Egyptian Language: Anointed one
English: Ice, brilliant glass, precious gemstone

Origin of the name Crissy:

Crissy is the short form of Christine, Christina, and Christiana. These derive from the Latin word Christianus (meaning “follower of Christ”). The Latin word Christianus was a transliteration of the Greek word Khristos. During classical antiquity, the Greeks borrowed the term from the Ancient Egyptian inscription k-r-t (meaning “the anointed one”). Alternatively, Crissy is also a nickname of Crystal. This English name derives from the Greek word κρύσταλλος (meaning “ice”). It referred to the precious gemstone that resembles ice or brilliant glass.

Symbolism of the name Crissy:

Crissy is a diminutive of Christine, Christina, and Christiana (meaning “follower of Christ” or “follower of the anointed one”). In the ancient world, the symbol for the anointing was the blessed oil.

Style of the name Crissy:


Gender of the name Crissy:

Crissy is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Crissy:


Number of syllables in the name Crissy:


Emotion evoked from the name Crissy:

The name Crissy evokes feelings of sweetness and sincerity.

Alternative spellings for the name Crissy:

  • Chrissy
  • Crissie
  • Chrisie
  • Krissy
  • Khrissy
  • Krissi
  • Krissie
  • Chrissie
  • Crissey
  • Chrissee

Nicknames for the name Crissy:

Popularity of the name Crissy:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Crissy was the 15,165th most popular baby name for girls in 2021.

Related names for the name Crissy:

Great middle names for Crissy and their meanings:

  • Alexis (defender of men)
  • Ariadne (most holy)
  • Brigit (strength, power, virtue, exalted one)
  • Hope (positive expectation, desire of fulfillment)
  • Juniper (evergreen shrub, youthful, young)
  • Kehlani (sea and sky)
  • Leighton (meadow town)
  • Nova (new)
  • Orianne (golden, sunrise, dawn)
  • Piper (flute player)
  • Verity (truth)

Famous people with the name Crissy:

  • Crissy Bell (singer)
  • Crissy Garrett (wife of politician William Edward Haslam)
  • Crissy Guerrero (actress and wife of actor David Scott Foley)
  • Crissy Kolarik (film producer)
  • Crissy Lee (singer)
  • Crissy Ahmann Leighton (Olympic swimmer)
  • Crissy Marie Rendon (television personality)
  • Crissy Rock (actress)

Crissy in popular culture:

  • Crissy (classic fashion doll from the Ideal Toy Corporation)
  • Crissy (character on the Degrassi series)
  • Crissy (character in the Polly Pocket franchise)
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