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Macey is an adorable name for girls that comes from the popular surname Macy. It has a variety of spelling variations, including Macie and Maci. Though no longer a top 1,000 option, it is still a top 1,600 name for girls.

Meaning of the name Macey:

English: from Massy, France

Origin of the name Macey:

Macey is a spelling variation of Macy. Macy was a surname in England introduced after the Norman Invasion. It was for families from the town of Massy in France. Massy itself came from the Latin name Maccius, however.

Symbolism of the name Macey:

The baby name Macey means “from Massy, France” because of the original meaning of Macy. Macy was a family name for Normans in Great Britain from the aforementioned town.

Baby name Macey

Style of the name Macey:


Gender of the name Macey:

Macey is a cute and youthful name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Macey:


Number of syllables in the name Macey:


Emotion evoked from the name Macey:

Macey feels youthful and wholesome. It has an innocent and pure feel.

Alternative spellings for the name Macey:

  • Macy 
  • Macie
  • Maci
  • Macei
  • Masee
  • Masi
  • Masie
  • Masey

Nicknames for the name Macey:

Popularity of the name Macey:

The baby name Macey was a top 1,000 name from 1992 at rank 843 to 2014 at rank 926. The name was a top 500 name for one year in 2001 at number 494. Today, Macey is just over a top 1,500 name at rank 1,526.

Related names for the name Macey:

Great middle names for Macey and their meanings:

  • Lynn (lake)
  • Claire (clear, bright)
  • Lou (famous warrior)
  • June (young, born in June)
  • Sage (wise man, perceptive)
  • Eve (life, life giver, living one)
  • Brooke (gentle stream)
  • Noelle (Christmas, the Lord's birthday)

Famous people with the name Macey:

  • Macey Cruthird (actress, “The Occupants”)
  • Macey Chipping (actress, “Mystic”)
  • Macey Stewart (cyclist)
  • Macey Estrella (pro wrestler)

Maceys in popular culture:

  • Macey McHenry (character from “Gallagher Girls”)
  • Macey Irving (character from “Sleepy Hollow”)
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