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Maribel is an adorable and youthful baby name. It is the perfect combination of the names Isabel and Mary or Maria. Maribel is no longer a top 1,000 option, but it is on the top 3,000 list at rank 2,964.

Meaning of the Name Maribel

Maribel originated as a combination of the names Isabel and Mary. Some say rather than Mary, however, Maribel comes from Maria. Maria and Mary both come from the Greek Mapia. Isabel, however, is the Medieval form of Elizabeth.

The baby name Maribel means “drop of the sea,” “bitter,” or “beloved” because of Mary or Maria. The translations of the latter options are many, but most agree that they come from the Hebrew root words “mar” and “yam.” “Mar” means “drop” and “yam” translates to “sea.” The name Isabel that forms the “-bel” suffix has an interpretation of “beautiful.”

baby name Maribel


Nicknames for Maribel

Maribel is a wholesome and sweet name. It is approachable and youthful and deserves to be paired with a fun and exciting, but charming, nickname. Below, we've compiled a list of possible nicknames to help get you inspired:

Maribel Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: Maribel is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: MEHR-ee-bell

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for Maribel

  • Marabel
  • Maribelle
  • Marabelle
  • Marybel
  • Marybelle

Maribel Name Popularity

Maribel became a top 1,000 name in America in 1961 at rank 931. It was last on the Social Security Popularity Index in 2009 at number 945. Maribel did best in 1980 at rank 316.

Great Middle Names for Maribel and Their Meanings

  • Justine (fair, upright)
  • Kiara (light, clear, first ray of sun)
  • Scarlett (bright red)
  • Brooklyn (broken land, pretty brook)
  • Colleen (unmarried girl)
  • Antoinette (highly praiseworthy, priceless one)
  • Charlene (free woman, free spirit)
  • Lynette (idol, pretty one)

Famous People Named Maribel

  • Maribel Vinson (figure skater)
  • Maribel Dominguez (soccer player)
  • Maribel Guardia (actress, “Peter Knife”)
  • Maribel Martin (actress, “Moon Child”)
  • Maribel Duarte (character from “Maribel”)
  • Maribel Lopez (character from “Glee”)
  • Maribel Mayde (character from “Dragon Quest VII” video game)
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