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Shari is a strikingly attractive baby name for girls. Short and sweet, this name has sophisticated undertones that has made it a favorite among celebrities. Shari is the name of a character in the Animal Crossing franchise, and Shari is also a character in the Double Take series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Shari:

Old French: Darling
Old Hebrew: Grassland, plain, field
Hungarian: Princess, lady, noblewoman

Origin of the name Shari:

Shari is a classic name with several possible origins. For French speakers, Shari is an alternative spelling of Sheri. This name derives from the Old French word chérie (meaning “darling”). In addition, Shari is also a diminutive of Sharon. This name derives from the Hebrew word שָׁרוֹן (Sharon) and means “grassland” or “coastal plain.” Finally, Shari is also the Hungarian form of the name Sari. This name ultimately derives from the Hebrew word שָׂרָה and means “princess,” “lady,” or “noblewoman”).

Symbolism of the name Shari:

Shari is a variation of Sheri (meaning “darling”) or a nickname for Sharon (meaning “coastal plain”). In the Hebrew Bible, symbols of Sharon included the desert rose and the lily of the valley (Song of Songs 2:1).

Style of the name Shari:


Gender of the name Shari:

Shari is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Shari:


Number of syllables in the name Shari:


Emotion evoked from the name Shari:

The name Shari evokes feelings of savvy and success.

Alternative spellings for the name Shari:

Nicknames for the name Shari:

Popularity of the name Shari:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Shari was the 12,026th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Shari:

Great middle names for Shari and their meanings:

  • Amanda (lovable, worthy of love)
  • Brenna (sword, raindrop, moisture, raven)
  • Chrysanthe (golden flower)
  • Damaris (calf, tame, gentle)
  • Evora (yew tree)
  • Imara (firm, strong, resolute)
  • Kassandra (excelling above men)
  • Lynette (pretty one, water nymph, little lake)
  • Nadezhda (hope)
  • Octavia (eighth)
  • Petra (stone, rock)
  • Thalassa (the sea)
  • Zoelle (life)

Famous people with the name Shari:

  • Shari Ann Addison (gospel singer)
  • Shari Lynn Belafonte (daughter of actor Harry Belafonte)
  • Shari Springer Berman (documentary filmmaker)
  • Shari Headley (actress)
  • Shari Decter Hirst (politician)
  • Shari Lynn Karney (social activist)
  • Shari Koch (figure skater)
  • Shari Ellin Redstone (daughter of media magnate Sumner Redstone)
  • Shari Ulrich (songwriter)
  • Shari English Woods Villarosa (diplomat)

Shari in popular culture:

  • Shari (character in the Animal Crossing franchise)
  • Shari (character in the Double Take series)
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