Zaynab is a classic Arabic baby name for girls. Melodic and feminine, Zaynab is affluent in Middle Eastern culture and a standout for literature and media. Zaynab is the titular protagonist of Zaynab's First Day of Kindergarten by Aasiyah Sari, and Zaynab the Great is the heroine of a series of novels by Suzie Hicks. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Zaynab:

Arabic: Fragrant flower, beauty, life
Turkish: Precious rock, precious gem, ornament

Origin of the name Zaynab:

Zaynab is a classic baby name with several possible origins. Foremost, Zaynab may derive from the Arabic phrase زينب (meaning “fragrant flower”). Zaynab can also serve as an elaboration of the Arabic word zayn (زين). In this context, Zaynab means “beauty.” Within Turkish culture, Zaynab translates as Zeynep (ज़ेनेप). In this language, the name means “precious gem” or “ornament.” Finally, some etymologists believe that Zaynab is an Arabic interpretation of the Greek epithet Ζηνός βίος (meaning “life of Zeus”).

Symbolism of the name Zaynab:

Zaynab is an Arabic name that means “fragrant flower.” Famous bearers of the name include Zaynab bint Jahsh and Zaynab bint Khuzayma. Both women were wives of Islam founder Muhammad ibn Abdullah. Symbols of Zaynab include leather crafts that both women produced to raise funds used to feed the poor.

Style of the name Zaynab:


Gender of the name Zaynab:

Zaynab is a female name.

Pronunciation of the name Zaynab:


Number of syllables in the name Zaynab:


Emotion evoked from the name Zaynab:

The name Zaynab evokes feelings of zest and zeal.

Alternative spellings for the name Zaynab:

  • Zäynäb 
  • Zainab
  • Zajnab
  • Zayneb
  • Zeinab
  • Zenab
  • Zaineb
  • Zaneb
  • Zejneb
  • Zeynep

Nicknames for the name Zaynab:

  • Zay
  • Zaya 
  • Zayn
  • Zayna
  • Nab

Popularity of the name Zaynab:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Zaynab was the 1,769th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Zaynab:

Great middle names for Zaynab and their meanings:

  • Ariel (lion of God)
  • Bayan (clear, eloquent, lucid)
  • Claribel (bright, beautiful)
  • Dana (God is my judge)
  • Fatimah (she who abstains, chaste, captivating)
  • Jamila (beautiful)
  • Khadijah (born early, trustworthy, respected)
  • Lauren (laurel plant)
  • Mira (peace, prosperity, sea, ocean)
  • Mona (noble, good, lady)
  • Noya (beauty)
  • Opal (iridescent gemstone, jewel)
  • Shira (singing, poetry, music)
  • Waris (desert flower, heir, successor)
  • Yasna (white rose)

Famous people with the name Zaynab:

  • Zaynab Alkali (writer)
  • Zaynab Balhas (actress)
  • Zaynab Dahya (writer)
  • Zaynab Fawwaz (playwright)
  • Zaynab Hashemi (actress)
  • Zaynab Khadr (public figure)
  • Zaynab Lamb (film producer)
  • Zaynab Mousavian (computer scientist)
  • Zaynab Otiti Obanor (wife of Nigerian monarch Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi)
  • Zaynab Zamani (actress)

Zaynab in popular culture:

  • Zaynab (titular protagonist of Zaynab's First Day of Kindergarten by Aasiyah Sari)
  • ZaynabGreat (heroine of a series of novels by Suzie Hicks)