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The Best Spinning Rides at Carowinds

carowinds theme park in Charlotte, NC

The Best Spinning Rides at Carowinds

Families flock to Carowinds during those warm Carolina summers for a day full of family fun! And what’s more thrilling than gathering the whole family for a twisting and turning trip on one of Carowinds’ 10 best spinning rides! While you may get a little dizzy, there is no shortage of fun and entertainment on these 10 rides. Let’s find out more about each one!


We’re starting off strong with Do-Si-Do! Just like square dancing, this ride will have you spinning around and around before you come right back to where you started. This family ride is perfect for the whole crew and will certainly provide the adrenaline rush for the day! This crazy adventure sends riders flying through the air and spiraling every which way. Families will find themselves gliding up, down, and side-to-side while increasing in speed and elevation, what a thrill!


This ride is not for the faint of heart! Your brave kiddos and adults alike will love this thrilling and spinning adventure. Electro-Spin seats riders on a floorless (yes, floorless!) gondola where they take off through a freely rotating orbit. The arms of this ride spin, twist, and flip riders in all directions, 360 degrees! All of the spinning, side-to-side movements, direction changing, and weightlessness for us while over 60 feet high in the air. This is certainly a ride that neither you nor your kids will forget!

Flying Ace Balloon Race

Now on to something that is more of your young kiddo’s speed! Flying Ace Balloon Race is a high-flying adventure for the whole family. With room for 4 in your own personal hot air balloon, kids will love having their whole family to soar in the sky with them! These balloons will raise and spin you in the air around and around. Kids will especially love the connection with Snoopy and being able to live out his alter ego, the Flying Ace, while flying themselves in a colorful hot air balloon. This ride is suitable for kids of all ages and will provide a fun time for even the youngest thrill-seeker.

Mountain Gliders

Mountain Gliders put your kid (and maybe you too) in control! Kids always say they want to fly, and with the Mountain Gliders, they have the chance to. Kids (and adults) will get in a floating carriage that suspends you and rotates in a circle. From there, drivers will be able control the experience, whether flying high or soaring low, it’s up to your kiddo! Riders will be up to 28 feet in the air for a unique experience that will make you feel like you’re flying. Kids and parents will enjoy soaring in the sky on the Mountain Gliders, and the smiles and laughs will be contagious!


Another ride that your youngest thrill seekers are sure to love is PEANUTS Pirates! Joining the PEANUTS crew again, kids will love to navigate the ocean with Snoopy and the gang! Kids will board their own personal pirate ship and slope up and down the high seas. Halfway through the ride, it takes a turn (literally!) and kids begin to rotate 180 degrees while gaining speed! This is certainly a ride that your kiddos will love and will ask to ride time and time again. Ahoy mateys!

Rock ‘N' Roller

Rock ‘N' Roller is a wild ride, perfect for a family of daredevils! Hop in a car and listen to some rocking tunes as you spin around and around a circular track. 3 members of the fam can sit in a seat, making it a ton of fun for everyone. Kids and adults alike are sure to laugh their heads off in this fun and fast paced adventure. The engaging music and spectacular lights are sure to make this ride even more thrilling, along with high speeds and constant spins! This is one rockin’ ride that your family is sure to love!


The next attraction on our list of the best spinning rides at Carowinds gives it away just by the name! The Scrambler is a family favorite and is sure to be a huge hit at your next trip to Carowinds. Like the name suggests, you and your kiddos are about to get scrambled as you spin, twist, and turn clockwise and counterclockwise – both at the same time! As you hold on tight, you are flung past other riders and the rainbow of colors from the ride’s rotating arm is all you see! By the time you get off the ride, your brain may be scrambled, but there will certainly be a huge grin on your kiddos faces! 


North Carolina is known for the Wright brothers and the very first flight. With the WindSeeker, riders can experience flying too! The WindSeeker is only for the fearless thrill seekers in the family, as you go 301 feet in the air and spin! Not only that, but the swings spin at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and the arms extend outward at a 45-degree angle. While it is an exhilarating experience, make sure you keep your eyes open to see the magnificent views of the park and those tall Charlotte skyscrapers! The WindSeeker promises excellent views, huge thrills, and an enjoyable time for all who dare to ride.

Woodstock Whirlybirds

Right next to the fan favorite Peanuts Pirates, Woodstock Whirlybirds is another kid friendly adventure that you can’t miss! The epitome of a spinning adventure, the Woodstock Whirlybirds has you covered! Kids will love spinning around in a bird’s nest built by Snoopy’s best friend Woodstock! Fast or slow, you get to decide! You control the speed of your nest as the whole platform is also spinning, dizzy much? These nests are meant to nurture smiles, laughs, and memories as the whole family piles in for a twisty adventure!


Last but not least, we have a more child friendly version of the Windseeker! The Yo-Yo spins riders through the sky as they have a wonderful feeling of freedom. Not only do you spin around and around, but riders also rock in their chair (hence the yo-yo name). The young kids who aren’t quite ready to brave the Windseeker will love the flying experience that the Yo-Yo provides. You will love watching your kids experience the true feeling of freedom, all with a huge grin from ear to ear!

Carowinds is a great place for families to enjoy the day (or weekend!) making memories and spending time together. These top 10 best spinning rides will help you do just that! From the lower speed thrill of the Mountain Gliders to the extreme nail-biting heights of the Windseeker, every member of the family will get to experience the thrill of all that the spinning rides have to offer at Carowinds!

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