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The Best Spinning Rides at Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom aerial shot

The Best Spinning Rides at Kentucky Kingdom

An amusement park wouldn’t be complete without a couple of crazy spinning rides, and Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, KY is no exception. From upside-down spinning to the classic teacup rides, Kentucky Kingdom offers just enough spins for everyone. So if you’re looking to get a little dizzy on your next visit, you can find a few of our favorite Kentucky Kingdom spinning rides below.


Cyclos has been spinning and swinging riders at Kentucky Kingdom since 2015. The thrilling ride is a huge swinging pendulum with seats set in a circle. The seats themselves spin in a circle, while the pendulum itself is swinging riders back and forth. Eventually, the pendulum will build up enough power to loop riders in a full 360-degree circle, allowing for plenty of air time, and about ten seconds of upside-down hanging time! The ride will last about two minutes before it comes to a full stop, just in time for you to feel the spins. 

Kentucky Kingdom Cyclos
Kentucky Kingdom's Cyclos both spins AND swings riders for an added thrill! Image: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC

©Jeremy Thompson / CC BY 2.0 – License


If your go-to ride at the carnival is Tilt-A-Whirl, this ride is for you. Kentucky Kingdom’s Breakdance ride is sure to make you bust a move as you spin, flare, and gyrate on across the floor of this flat ride. Each gondola has room to strap in two riders and the gondolas are situated in groups of four. The group of gondolas begins to spin, and so does the floor of the ride, providing the ultimate spinning experience. You’ll get whipped around for a full two minutes before the ride comes to a halt– any longer and we’re not sure you’d be able to see straight! 

kentucky kingdom breakdance
Kentucky Kingdom’s Breakdance is a spinning ride winner! Image: Jeremy Thompson via Flickr CC

©Kentucky Kingdom

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm is a thrilling Kentucky Kingdom ride with a perfect mix of spinning and inversions. Standing 73 feet tall with a full 360-degree loop, Eye of the Storm holds 24 riders at a time, seated in back-to-back pairs. After everyone is strapped in and ready to rock, the ride begins actually rocking passengers back and forth before completing the full 360-degree loop. You’ll find yourself spinning around the loop, catching some hangtime as you near the top, for two whole minutes before the ride comes to an end.

Scream Extreme

Scream Extreme is another one of Kentucky Kingdom’s rides that’s a cross between spinning and inverted. Unlike most rides at Kentucky Kingdom, this is one of the only rides that riders ride in a single seat, versus in pairs or in a group pod. Everyone straps in and you immediately begin to spin in a large circle, until the spinning speed reaches its peak. Then, then the whole structure begins to rise, turning riders on their side as they spin, and eventually turning them all the way upside down. You’ll end up spinning upside down over 5 times in a row before the ride ends!

Mad Hatter

Let’s be honest. Our list of spinning rides wouldn't be complete without a spinning teacup ride. Kentucky Kingdom’s Mad Hatter ride is your classic teacup ride that spins you round and round in an oversized teacup until you’re too dizzy to stand. For those unfamiliar, the platform of the ride spins, and then you get to determine how fast your individual teacup goes for some double-spinning action. When it doubt, this cult classic is sure to fill your spinning ride needs. 


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