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The Best Water Rides at Kentucky Kingdom

Kentucky Kingdom Splash Zone

The Best Water Rides at Kentucky Kingdom

If you’re ready to make a big splash this summer, look no further than Kentucky Kingdom: a 67-acre amusement park and waterpark in Louisville, KY. While amusement parks can make for the perfect summer day trip, they can also make for a ton of walking in the heat, especially with Kentucky’s summer temperatures. So if you’re in need of a quick dip to cool off while still experiencing fun in the sun, check out a few of our favorite Kentucky Kingdom water rides below.

Mile High Falls

Ready to get drenched? At Kentucky Kingdom’s Mile High Falls water ride, getting soaked is pretty much a guarantee. This water ride towers 90 feet tall, making it one of the world’s tallest spill rides. Passengers pile into a boat that immediately begins climbing the 90-foot hill. There’s not an immediate drop, but riders only have a  short 180-degree turn to prepare for the big splash before plunging down into a pool at the end of the ride. Although short, this ride gives you a nice cool down before returning to the rest of the park’s rides. 

Raging Rapids River Ride

If you’ve never been whitewater rafting, Raging Rapids River Ride is the next best thing. This is not only one of Kentucky Kingdom’s longer water rides, but one of the longest rides in the park lasting about 5 minutes. Riders are seated in a circle once aboard the raft, dodging geysers, boulders, and splashes that are bound to be encountered along the river ride. Once everyone’s soaked, your raft will make its way back to the start of the ride. 

Hurricane Bay Water Park

While we know that this isn’t a ride itself, park visitors have the opportunity to experience Kentucky Kingdom’s sister water park, Hurricane Bay. Here you’ll find wave pools, slides, rivers, and water rides ready for riders of all ages!

Buccaneer Beach at Kentucky Kingdom's Hurricane Bay water park promises a splashing good time!

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