Arayah is a gorgeous Arabic name that is a modified version of the boy name of Ara. This fancy, formal name with a sweet side definitely gets noticed. While Arayah is a popular Armenian girl's name, it is catching on in America. Keep reading to learn about the allure of Arayah.

Meaning of the name Arayah:

Arabic: Opinionated
Armenian: Queen
Hebrew: Gatherer

Origin of the name Arayah:

Arabic. Arayah is based on the masculine name of Ara that can mean “opinionated.” However, the name is also associated with being a king. As a result, Arayah is seen as a name that loosely means “queen.”

Symbolism of the name Arayah:

The Ara root of Arayah points to a person with power and influence.

Style of the name Arayah:


Gender of the name Arayah:

Arayah is a girl's name and is considered the feminized version of Ara.

Pronunciation of the name Arayah:


Syllables in the name Arayah:


Emotion evoked from the name Arayah:

The name Arayah is very soulful and powerful. It speaks of a person with a natural gift for influence.

Alternative spellings for the name Arayah:

Araya, Ariah, Ariyah, Arya

Nicknames for the name Arayah:

Ari, Ria, Rya, Ry

Popularity of the name Arayah:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Arayah has never charted on the list of the top 1,000 baby names.

Related names for the name Arayah:


Great middle names for Arayah and their meanings:

  • Annette (God has favored me)
  • Celine (heavenly)
  • Fatima (one who abstains)
  • Farah (joy)
  • Gilda (golden/gilded)
  • Jessica (God beholds)
  • Lina (little palm tree)
  • Nura (filled with light)
  • Layla (night)
  • Sada (good luck)

Famous people with the name Arayah:

There aren't currently any famous people with the name Arayah.

Arayahs in movies/pop culture:

Arayah hasn't made its mark on popular culture just yet.