Boden is a modern name choice for young boys that has a rugged and simple feel. It is a smart alternative to names like Bode and Mason, which have been around a bit longer. Boden just came to the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Index in 2014, but it remains a top 1,000 option in 2020.

Meaning of the name Boden:

Engilsh: hill shaped like a bow
German: floor

Origin of the name Boden:

Boden originated from the English surname that is the same or spelled Bowden. It was a last name reserved for families from certain areas in England. Boden is also the word that translates to “floor” in Germany.

Symbolism of the name Boden:

Boden means “floor” in German because it is the literal translation. In England, it means “hill shaped like a bow” as this is a description of the place the surname originated.

Style of the name Boden:

Traditional as a surname, modern as a first name

Gender of the name Boden:

Boden is a rugged name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Boden:


Number of syllables in the name Boden:


Emotion evoked from the name Boden:

Boden is simple, common, and rough around the edges. It has a rugged and youthful feel.

Alternative spellings for the name Boden:

  • Bowden
  • Bodenn
  • Beauden

Nicknames for the name Boden:

  • Bodi
  • Bodie 
  • Bodey
  • Body
  • Den
  • Denni
  • Denny
  • Bode
  • Bo 

Popularity of the name Boden:

Boden first became a top 1,000 baby name in 2014 at rank 989, staying until 2015 at number 980. The name did not come back until 2018 at rank 951. As of 2020, Boden remains a top 1,000 name at rank 825.

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No fictional people have the name Boden.