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Dannie is a fun baby name for boys or girls. It began as a nickname for Daniel and Danielle but is now a strong standalone option. This spelling variation will help your child stand out too because it was rank 5,964 as of 2021.

Meaning of the name Dannie:

Hebrew: God is my judge

Origin of the name Dannie:

Dannie began as a nickname for Daniel and Danielle. Daniel originated from the Hebrew name Daniyyel as found in the Old Testament. The story of the first man with the name Daniel is recorded in the book of Daniel in the Bible. Danielle is the feminine form of Daniel.

Symbolism of the name Dannie:

Dannie, Daniel, and Danielle all mean “God is my judge.” They all date back to the ancient Hebrew name, Daniyyel, which means the same. It comes from the words “din” and “el.” “Din” means “to judge,” and “el” means “God.”

Style of the name Dannie:


Gender of the name Dannie:

Dannie is a unisex baby name that began as a nickname.

Pronunciation of the name Dannie:


Number of syllables in the name Dannie:


Emotion evoked from the name Dannie:

Dannie is informal and fun. It is youthful and full of energy.

Alternative spellings for the name Dannie:

  • Danni
  • Danny 
  • Dannee
  • Danneigh
  • Danney
  • Dannei

Nicknames for the name Dannie:

  • Dan
  • Nini
  • Nie
  • Day Day
  • Danzie
  • Dansie

Popularity of the name Dannie:

Dannie was a top 1,000 name for one year in 1903 at rank 929 before a more permanent stay in 1925. In that year, it ranked 985, remaining on the top 1,000 list until 1976 at rank 931. Danny was a top 400 name in 1946 only at number 397.

Related names for the name Dannie:

Great middle names for Dannie and their meanings:

  • Jeanne (God is gracious)
  • Pearl (precious, smooth and round bead)
  • Maya (good mother)
  • Leona (lion)
  • Hayes (hedged area)
  • Levi (united, joined in harmony)
  • Beck (lives beside a stream)
  • Archer (bow, bowman)

Famous people with the name Dannie:

Dannies in popular culture:

  • Dannie (character from “Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve”)