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Deidra is a darling baby name for girls. Reminiscent of Irish folklore and legend, the name has a unique spelling that enhances its appeal in the modern age. Deidra is the name of a central character on the series Fox series 9-1-1, and Deidra “Dee” Mitchell was the likeable stepmother on Moesha. Keep reading to learn more about this fun baby name.

Meaning of the name Deidra:

Irish: Daughter, woman

Origin of the name Deidra:

Deidra is a modern alternative spelling of the Irish name Deidre. The name Deidre originated from the Irish-Gaelic name Derdriu. This name likely derived from the Old Irish element der (meaning “daughter” or “woman”).

Symbolism of the name Deidra:

Deidra is a modern variation of the name Deidre. According to Irish legend, Deidre is the name of a tragic figure who died of a broken heart after the death of her first love, Naoise. In the story, two yew trees arose from the separate grave sites of Deirdre and Naoise, growing so tall that their limbs intertwined over either side of a chapel and united the pair forever. For this reason, the symbol of Deidre is the yew tree.

Style of the name Deidra:


Gender of the name Deidra:

Deidra is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Deidra:


Number of syllables in the name Deidra:


Emotion evoked from the name Deidra:

The name Deidra evokes feelings of diligence and devotion.

Alternative spellings for the name Deidra:

Nicknames for the name Deidra:

  • Dei
  • Dee

Popularity of the name Deidra:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Deidra was the 922nd most popular baby name for girls in 1993.

Related names for the name Deidra:

Great middle names for Deidra and their meanings:

  • Amaris (promised of God)
  • Blakely (dark meadow)
  • Caoimhe (gentle, beautiful, precious)
  • Hadley (heather meadow)
  • Imogen (maiden)
  • Karis (grace, kindness, compassion)
  • Nicole (victory of the people)
  • Piper (flute player)
  • Sephora (bird)
  • Shannon (wise river)
  • Waris (desert flower)

Famous people with the name Deidra:

  • Deidra Bosa (news anchor)
  • Deidra Lynn Currie (performance artist)
  • Deidra Dionne (skier)
  • Deidra Ann Gertrude (actress)
  • Deidra Elizabeth Govan (costume designer)
  • Deidra “DD” Holley (writer)
  • Deidra Olin Jimenez (television personality)
  • Deidra Meredith (film producer)
  • Deidra LaWan Starnes (actress)
  • Deidra Wayans (screenwriter and sister of comedian Damon Kyle Wayans)

Deidra in popular culture:

  • Deidra (character in the series Fox series 9-1-1)
  • Deidra “Dee” Mitchell (character in Moesha)
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