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Karis is a classy and elegant baby name for girls. As the embodiment of a Greek virtue, this name features an updated spelling that makes it perfect for the modern age. Karis is the name of a character in the Golden Sun series, and Karis was character in the Star Wars series during the Clone Wars era. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Karis:

Greek: Grace, kindness, mercy

Origin of the name Karis:

Karis is an alternative spelling of Charis. This name derives from the Greek word χάρις (charis) and means “grace” or “kindness.”

Symbolism of the name Karis:

Karis originates from the Greek concept χάρις (meaning “grace”). During antiquity, the Greek symbol of grace was the ocean wave.

Style of the name Karis:


Gender of the name Karis:

Karis is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Karis:


Number of syllables in the name Karis:


Emotion evoked from the name Karis:

The name Karis evokes feelings of gentleness and glow.

Alternative spellings for the name Karis:

  • Charis 
  • Carys
  • Karys
  • Kharis
  • Chares

Nicknames for the name Karis:

Popularity of the name Karis:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Karis was the 1,444th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Karis:

Great middle names for Karis and their meanings:

  • Anahita (immaculate, pure, chaste)
  • Aoife (beautiful, radiant, joyful)
  • Bernadine (strong, hardy, brave as a bear)
  • Brighton (bright town, bridge settlement)
  • Emi (beauty, favor, rival)
  • Gloria (glory)
  • Irene (peace)
  • Josette (God will add, God will increase)
  • Leona (lioness)
  • Miley (smiley, pleasant, soldier)
  • Stacy (resurrection)
  • Verity (truth)

Famous people with the name Karis:

  • Karis Paige Bryant (actress)
  • Karis Cameron (television personality)
  • Karis Campbell (actress)
  • Karis Zanetta Cheng (fashion designer)
  • Karis Davidson (golfer)
  • Karis Jagger Hunt (daughter of singers Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt)
  • Karis Schneider (actress)
  • Karis Teetan (horse racing jockey)
  • Karis Willow (volleyball player)
  • Karis Yanike (actress)

Karis in popular culture:

  • Karis (character in the Golden Sun series)
  • Karis (character in the Star Wars series)
  • Karis La Momia (ring name of wrestler Jesús Alfonso Huerta Escoboza)
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