Fynn is a modern baby boy’s name and a variant spelling of Finn. In Irish, Fynn comes from Fionn and means “bright, fair”. In German, Fynn comes from Finnr and means “person from Finland, Sami”. Fynn has never been as popular as the more common spelling Finn, which has been in the top 1000 baby names since 2000.

Meaning of the name Fynn:

German: Sami, person from Finland
Irish: bright, fair

Origin of the name Fynn:

Fynn is a baby boy’s name of German and Irish origin. Fynn is a variant spelling of Finn. In German, Fynn is the modern spelling of the Old Norse name Finnr and means “person from Finland, Sami”. In Irish, Fynn is an Anglicized spelling of Fionn and means “bright, fair”.

Symbolism of the name Fynn:

Fynn means “bright, fair” and comes from the name Fionn. Fionn mac Cumhaill was a hero in Irish mythology who was known to be all-wise and a dragon slayer.

Style of the name Fynn:


Gender of the name Fynn:

Fynn is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Fynn:

FIN (English, Danish, German), FYOON (Irish), FYEEN (Irish)

Number of syllables in the name Fynn:


Emotion evoked from the name Fynn:

Fynn evokes feelings of wit and charm.

Alternative spellings for the name Fynn:

Finn, Fin, Fyn, Fionn

Nicknames for the name Fynn:

  • Fye
  • Finny

Popularity of the name Fynn:

According to the Social Security Administration, Fynn is an uncommon baby boy’s name. Fynn has never appeared in the top 1000 baby names list.

Related names for the name Fynn:

Great middle names for the name Fynn and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Fynn:

  • Fynn Barker Bruce (son of British musician Ben Bruce)
  • Fynn Michael Melia (son of American soccer player Tim Melia)
  • Fynn Kliemann (German author)
  • Fynn Arkenberg (German footballer)
  • Fynn Hudson-Prentice (English cricketer)
  • Fynn Gutzeit (German footballer)

Fynn in popular culture:

  • Fynn, the Fangbearer (games, “Magic the Gathering”)
  • Fynn (video games, “Final Fantasy II”)
  • General Fynn (video games, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”)
  • Fynn Thompson (television, “The Days of Our Lives”)
  • Fynni Fynn (video games, “Mabinogi”)