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Jacque is a unique alternative to Jacques. Both of these name options have a formal and upper-class vibe, though they have the same origins as Jacob and James. Jacque, in particular, is rarer also, as it is only on the top 23,000 list.

Meaning of the name Jacque:

French: Supplanter, may God protect

Origin of the name Jacque:

Jacque is a variation of the more popular baby name Jacques. Jacques is the French version of Iacobus, the Latin form of James. Iacobus comes from the Hebrew Ya'aqov, which also helped to form Jacob. Jacque, Jacques, and James were primarily for Christians in the Middle Ages, while Jacob was for Jews. It was not until the Protestant Reformation that all three titles spread in the Christian church.

Symbolism of the name Jacque:

The baby name Jacque has the same meaning as Jacob and James. It is a variant of Jacques in France. All four of these titles date back to the ancient Hebrew Ya'aqov. Ya'aqov translates to “supplanter” in English.

Style of the name Jacque:


Gender of the name Jacque:

Jacque is a formal name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jacque:


Number of syllables in the name Jacque:


Emotion evoked from the name Jacque:

Jacque feels formal and mature. It is an upscale and refined name.

Alternative spellings for the name Jacque:

Nicknames for the name Jacque:

Popularity of the name Jacque:

Jacque was first a top 1,000 baby name in 1936 at rank 964. It stayed on the Social Security Popularity Index until 1963 at number 984. Jacque ranked highest in 1950 at 539. As of 2021, this baby name is only a top 23,000 option at number 22,901.

Related names for the name Jacque:

Great middle names for Jacque and their meanings:

  • Elliott (the Lord is my God, bravely and truly)
  • Raul (wolf counsel)
  • Destin (destiny, fate)
  • Jermaine (from Germany)
  • Vernon (alder tree, place of alders)
  • Burgess (inhabitant of a borough)
  • Frederick (peaceful ruler)
  • Beau (beautiful)

Famous people with the name Jacque:

  • Jacque Ray Pyles (pop singer)
  • Jacque Fesco (engineer)
  • Jacque LeWarne (professional dancer)
  • Jacque Vaughn (basketball coach)
  • Jacque Jones (baseball player)

Jacques in popular culture:

  • Colonel Jacque (character from “Colonel Jacque”)
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