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Latrell is a modern invented name for boys. Unique in structure, this name has taken the lead in various form of popular media. Latrell is the titular protagonist of Hey Latrell by Linda Sue Benson, and Latrell Jordan is the name of a main character in The Crew series. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Latrell:

English: Noble, eager
French: Thunder

Origin of the name Latrell:

Latrell is a modern name with several possible origins. Some linguists contend that the name combines with prefix la– with the surname Trell. The surname Trell (or Trelle) was a Norman French translation of a family name believed to mean “noble” or “eager.” Alternatively, Latrell is possibly a play on the Old French phrase meaning “the thunder.” Since “thunder” is also a suggested meaning of related names like Terrell, some etymologists prefer this theory of origin.

Symbolism of the name Latrell:

Latrell is an invented name that means “noble,” “eager,” or “thunder.” Several linguists link the origin to a Norman French translation for the name of a clan located in Nottinghamshire. In addition to their presence in England, members of this clan also settled in the United States during the 19th Century. For example, Carl Trell settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1848. The symbol of the Trell clan was the red plume.

Style of the name Latrell:


Gender of the name Latrell:

Latrell is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Latrell:


Number of syllables in the name Latrell:


Emotion evoked from the name Latrell:

The name Latrell evokes feelings of charismatic presence and personality.

Alternative spellings for the name Latrell:

Nicknames for the name Latrell:

Popularity of the name Latrell:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Latrell was the 950th most popular baby name for boys in 2003.

Related names for the name Latrell:

  • Latham
  • Latimer
  • Lamonte
  • Lowell 
  • Lornell
  • Lovell
  • Lionel

Great middle names for Latrell and their meanings:

  • Alfred (elf counsel)
  • Briceson (son of the nobleman)
  • Cornelius (horn)
  • Eric (eternal ruler)
  • Jamal (handsome, beautiful)
  • Kendrick (greatest champion, bold ruler, high hill)
  • Maurice (Moorish, swarthy, dark-skinned)
  • Nolan (noble, renowned)
  • Oscar (spear of God)
  • Sebastian (revered, venerable, respected)
  • Tahj (crown)
  • Wynton (vineyard, friend town)

Famous people with the name Latrell:

  • Latrell Almond (basketball player)
  • Latrell Bumphus (football player)
  • Latrell Reed Clark (television personality)
  • Latrell Hart (actor)
  • Latrell Goolagong Mitchell (rugby player)
  • Latrell Deshon Sanders (entrepreneur)
  • Latrell Scott (football coach)
  • Latrell Fontaine Sprewell (basketball player)

Latrell in popular culture:

  • Latrell (protagonist of Hey Latrell by Linda Sue Benson)
  • Latrell Jordan (character in The Crew series)