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Maybelle is an adorable name for baby girls. The name Maybelle is a different take on another classic name with Latin roots. Keep reading to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Maybelle:

Late Latin for “lovable”.

Origin of the name Maybelle:

The name Maybelle is a variation of “Mabel”, which is a medieval feminine form of the Late Latin name “Amabilis”.

Symbolism of the name Maybelle:

There is a great connection to love when it comes to the baby name Maybelle. It makes Maybelle come across as charming, a name that can symbolize someone who is filled to the brim with devotion, care, and adoration.

Style of the name Maybelle:


Gender of the name Maybelle:

Maybelle is a baby name used for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Maybelle:

MAY-bəl or may-BEHL

Number of syllables in the name Maybelle:


Emotion evoked from the name Maybelle:

Maybelle has a gentle feeling to it. The baby name Maybelle can draw out feelings of comfort, love, and warmth.

Alternative spellings for the name Maybelle:

  • Maybel
  • Maybell
  • Mayble
  • Mable 
  • Mabelle

Nicknames for the name Maybelle:

Popularity of the name Maybelle:

Maybelle has not seen much popularity despite being a variant of a classic name. Based on information from the Social Security Administration, the name Maybelle has never ranked within the top 1000 of popular baby names.

Related names for the name Maybelle:

Great middle names for Maybelle and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Maybelle:

  • Maybelle Carter (American country musician)
  • Maybelle Blair (American baseball player)
  • Maybelle Reichardt (American discus thrower)
  • Big Maybelle (American R&B singer)

Maybelles in movies/pop culture:

There are no traces found of the baby name Maybelle being used in pop culture.

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