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Ricki is a fun and upbeat name used for both girls and boys. Known as a popular mid-century name, Ricki also underwent a cultural revival during the 1990s. Ricki Rendazzo is the titular protagonist of the Ricki and the Flash franchise, and Ricki Chameleon is also a character on the Princess Peach franchise. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Ricki:

Old Germanic: Brave ruler
Old Norse: Eternal ruler

Origin of the name Ricki:

Ricki is a short form of Richard or Eric. The name Richard derives from the Old Germanic elements ric (meaning “ruler”) and hard (meaning “powerful,” “brave,” or “mighty”). Alternatively, Eric originates from the Old Norse elements ei (meaning “eternal,” “alone,” or “forever”) and ríkr (meaning “ruler”).

baby name Ricki


Symbolism of the name Ricki:

Ricki is a diminutive of Richard or Eric. Often used for girls, Ricki also served as a name for boys during the 20th century. Throughout Norse mythology, the symbol of the ríkr element (“ruler” or “rule”) is the Gungnir (also known as the spear of Odin).

Style of the name Ricki:


Gender of the name Ricki:

Ricki is a unisex baby name — it's giving to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Ricki:


Number of syllables in the name Ricki:


Emotion evoked from the name Ricki:

The name Ricki evokes feelings of riches and reign.

Alternative spellings for the name Ricki:

Nicknames for the name Ricki:

  • Rick 
  • Rickie
  • Ric
  • Rik
  • Kiki

Popularity of the name Ricki:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Ricki was the 1,000th most popular baby name for boys in 1961. Ricki was the 965th most popular baby name for girls in 1995.

Related names for the name Ricki:

Great middle names for Ricki and their meanings:

  • Ainsley (one's own meadow, hermitage)
  • Bowie (yellow, fair, blond)
  • Consuela (consolation, comfort)
  • Drew (strong, manly)
  • Harlee (hare meadow, rock clearing, long field)
  • Kym (royal fortress, golden)
  • Linda (beautiful, soft, mild)
  • Meredith (great ruler)
  • Primrose (first rose)
  • Tamiko (child of the people, beautiful child)
  • Zaina (beauty, grace)

Famous people with the name Ricki:

  • Ricki Abrams (entrepreneur)
  • Ricki Blakesberg (photographer)
  • Ricki Lee Dawn Coulter (singer)
  • Ricki Lloyd Herbert (footballer)
  • Ricki Pamela Lake (talk show hostess)
  • Ricki Noel Lander (actress)
  • Ricki Lynn Seidman (political advisor)
  • Ricki Georgia Soma (ballerina)
  • Ricki Mildred VanDusen (actress)
  • Ricki Elizabeth Wertz (television personality)

Ricki in popular culture:

  • Ricki Chameleon is also a character on the Princess Peach franchise
  • Ricki Rendazzo (titular protagonist of the Ricki and the Flash franchise)
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