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Tyrus is a unique and classical name for boys, dating back to ancient Lebanon. It was a surname for families from Tyre. Tyrus was a top 1,000 option in the early twentieth century, but it is now only a top 5,000 option.

Meaning of the name Tyrus:

Lebanese: rock

Origin of the name Tyrus:

The baby name Tyrus is a variation of the surname spelled the same. It originated to represent families from Tyre in Lebanon. The Old Testament of the Bible mentions the locality several times. It became popular in America in the nineteenth century, especially because it correlated with Cyrus.

Symbolism of the name Tyrus:

Tyrus means “rock” because of a city named Tyre in Lebanon. Families from the area had the surname Tyrus, giving the surname the same meaning.

Style of the name Tyrus:


Gender of the name Tyrus:

Tyrus is a classical name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Tyrus:


Number of syllables in the name Tyrus:


Emotion evoked from the name Tyrus:

Tyrus is a strong name with a deep meaning. It is serious and direct.

Alternative spellings for the name Tyrus:

  • Tyerus
  • Tierus
  • Tirus
  • Tyruss
  • Tyeruss
  • Tieruss
  • Tiruss

Nicknames for the name Tyrus:

  • Ty
  • Tyr
  • Tyre
  • Rus
  • Ty Ty

Popularity of the name Tyrus:

Tyrus only has two years' worth of records on the Social Security Popularity Index. In 1912 it was number 996, and in 1916, 997. At present, Tyrus is only a top 5,000 name option. More specifically, it is at rank 4,762.

Related names for the name Tyrus:

Great middle names for Tyrus and their meanings:

  • Shaw (lived by a thicket)
  • Benjamin (son of the right hand)
  • Landon (from the long hill)
  • Cliffton (from the farm by the cliff)
  • Jackson (son of Jack)
  • Elijah (Jehovah is my God)
  • Thaddeus (courageous heart)
  • Melvin (gentle chieftan)

Famous people with the name Tyrus:

  • Tyrus Cobb (baseball player)
  • Tyrus Treadway (TV host, “Soap Talk”)
  • Tyrus Thomas (basketball player)
  • Tyrus Wong (Disney artist)
  • Tyrus Thompson (NFL player)
  • Tyrus Morgan (Christian singer)
  • Tyrus Barber (baseball player)

Tyrus's in popular culture:

  • Tyrus Kitt (character from “Breaking Bad”)
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