Uthman is an ancient Arabic name for a baby boy. This name follows a common Arabic naming tradition of naming children after animals as a way to ward off harm from envious people. In addition to being a name of peace and blessings, Uthman is also a name signifying wisdom and intuitiveness. Keep reading to discover why this ancient name continues to find favor with parents!

Meaning of the name Uthman:

Arabic: Snake
Turkish: Rightly guided

Origin of the name Uthman:

Arabic. This is an ancient name symbolizing a snake. It has come to mean that a person is wise and intuitive in Muslim culture.

Symbolism of the name Uthman:

Uthman is a name symbolizing the wisdom of a snake. The name offers protection to children.

Style of the name Uthman:


Gender of the name Uthman:

Uthman is about as traditional as it gets when it comes to Arabic and Muslim names for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Uthman:


Syllables in the name Uthman:


Emotion evoked from the name Uthman:

The name Uthman is full of wisdom and honor.

Alternative spellings for the name Uthman:


Nicknames for the name Uthman:

Uth, Many, Manny

Popularity of the name Uthman:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Uthman has never cracked the list of the 1,000 most popular names at any point between 1900 and today.

Related names for the name Uthman:

Usman, Osman

Great middle names for Uthman and their meanings:

  • Aayan (God's gift)
  • Beckett (beehive)
  • Bennet (blessed)
  • Clayton (town built on Clay)
  • Farhan (happy)
  • Haris (guardian)
  • Norman (Northerner)
  • Omar (speaker)
  • Randall (wolf shield)

Famous people with the name Uthman:

  • Uthman Muhammad (Trinidadian cricket player)

Uthmans in movies/pop culture:

  • Uthman Ibn Affan (subject of the popular Age of Bliss Series)
  • Uthman Taha (famed Saudi calligrapher)