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Briella is a youthful baby name for girls that began as a nickname for Gabriella. Both of these options date back to Gabriel, an ancient Hebrew option. Briella only got on the Social Security Popularity Index in 2010, and it is already a top 300 baby name.

Meaning of the name Briella:

Hebrew: God is my strong man, God is my strength

Origin of the name Briella:

Briella originally began as a nickname, but it became a given name within the last few decades. It was first the shortened form of Gabriella. Gabriella is the feminine version of Gabriel, which comes from the ancient Hebrew name Gavri'el. This latter option comes from the words “gever” and “el.”

Symbolism of the name Briella:

The baby name Briella has the same meaning as Gabriella, which is the elongated form. As mentioned, Gabriella comes from Gabriel. The Hebrew word “gever” translates to “strong man” or “strength,” and “el” means “God.”

Style of the name Briella:


Gender of the name Briella:

Briella is a feminine name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Briella:


Number of syllables in the name Briella:


Emotion evoked from the name Briella:

Briella is a youthful and upbeat baby name. It is delicate and feminine.

Alternative spellings for the name Briella:

  • Bryella
  • Briela
  • Bryela

Nicknames for the name Briella:

Popularity of the name Briella:

The baby name Briella became a top 1,000 option in America in 2010 at rank 893. It quickly rose to the top 500 list in 2011 at number 498. As of 2020, Briella is already a top 300 name. More specifically, it is number 297.

Related names for the name Briella:

Great middle names for Briella and their meanings:

  • Corinne (beautiful maiden)
  • Jean (God is gracious)
  • Quinn (descendent of Conn, headwise)
  • Claire (clear, light, bright)
  • Paige (helper, assistant)
  • Nicole (people of victory)
  • Cadence (rhythmic, flowing, falling)
  • Grace (God's grace)

Famous people with the name Briella:

  • Briella Calafiore (hairstylist, reality TV star, “Glam Fairy”)

Briellas in popular culture:

There are no fictional characters with the baby name Briella.

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