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Deana is a popular classic baby name for girls. Reminiscent of mid-century American life, this name remains relevant in popular culture. Deana is a character in the Claymore series, and Deana is also the name of a character in the Warrior Cats series. Keep reading to learn more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Deana:

Greek: Divine, heavenly, goddess
Middle English: Small valley
Latin: Deacon, chieftain, superintendent

Origin of the name Deana:

Deana has several possible origins. The first origin is that Deana is an English adaption of Diana. This name derives from the Old Greek root dia (meaning “divine”) or the Greek element diva (meaning “goddess”). Both elements descended from the Indo-European root *dyew (that same root that also produced the name Zeus).

In addition, Deana is also the feminine variant of Dean. The name Dean originates from the Middle English word for “small valley.” Dean can also derive from the Latin word deacanus (meaning “chief of ten”). This name entered the English language as an occupational title for an administrator, academic dean, or school superintendent.

Baby name Deana

Symbolism of the name Deana:

Deana is either a variation of Diana or the feminine version of Dean. Many linguists identify Deana as the Middle English equivalent of Diana. The most important symbols of the goddess Diana were the bow, arrow, and moon.

Style of the name Deana:


Gender of the name Deana:

Deana is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Deana:


Number of syllables in the name Deana:


Emotion evoked from the name Deana:

The name Deana evokes feelings of devotion and duty.

Alternative spellings for the name Deana:

  • Deanna 
  • Deeanna
  • Deonna
  • Dionna
  • Dyanna

Nicknames for the name Deana:

Popularity of the name Deana:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Deana was the 6,033rd most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Deana:

Great middle names for Deana and their meanings:

  • Abeni (wished-for child)
  • Bjørg (help, save, rescue)
  • Calliope (beautiful voice, lyrical, eloquent)
  • Esther (star, myrtle, lady of heaven)
  • Flannery (descendant of Flannghal, ruddy brow, red valor)
  • Ianthe (violet flower)
  • Joelle (the Lord is God)
  • Kenzie (descendant of Kenneth, handsome, born of fire)
  • Lyndsey (Lincoln's marsh, island of linden trees)
  • Maxine (the greatest)
  • Noelani (mist of heaven)
  • Parvati (goddess of the mountain)
  • Rhonwen (white spear, famous friend, joy)
  • Zenzi (grow, thrive)

Famous people with the name Deana:

  • Deana Kay Carter (singer)
  • Deana Jalynn Hubbard (public figure)
  • Deana Jennings (daughter of singer Waylon Arnold Jennings)
  • Deana Jurgens (actress and daughter of Eva Bartok)
  • Deana Martin (singer and daughter of Dean Martin)
  • Deana Pollard Sacks (legal scholar)
  • Deana Uppal (pageant titleholder)

Deana in popular culture:

  • Deana (character in the Claymore series)
  • Deana (character in the Warrior Cats series)
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