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Eiden is a delightful baby name for boys. Reminiscent of Old Celtic myths and traditions, Eiden has evolved through the centuries to become one of the most popular boy names in Spain. It has also become increasingly influential in popular culture worldwide. Eiden is the name of the protagonist of El Secreto de Eiden by C. C. Rodriguez, and Eiden is also the protagonist of Eiden Magia by Monique Mancini. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Eiden:

Gaelic, Irish, Spanish: Little fire

Origin of the name Eiden:

Eiden is a Spanish variation of the name Aiden (or Aidan). This name descends from the Old Irish name Áedán (or Aodhán). The name Áedán was a nickname of Áed and meant “little fire.”

Symbolism of the name Eiden:

Eiden is the Spanish spelling of the name Aiden (meaning “little fire”). The name descends from the Old Irish Áedán. This Irish name indicated devotion to Áed (the Celtic god of fire). Symbols of Eiden include the glowing ember and the campfire.

Style of the name Eiden:


Gender of the name Eiden:

Eiden is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Eiden:


Number of syllables in the name Eiden:


Emotion evoked from the name Eiden:

The name Eiden evokes feelings of excellence and enlightenment.

Alternative spellings for the name Eiden:

Nicknames for the name Eiden:

  • Eddie
  • Eddy
  • Den
  • Dennie
  • Denny

Popularity of the name Eiden:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Eiden was the 1,722nd most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Eiden:

Great middle names for Eiden and their meanings:

  • Axel (my father is peace)
  • Beaumont (beautiful mountain)
  • Channing (young wolf, church officiant, wise counsel)
  • Declan (man of prayer, full of goodness)
  • Ernesto (serious, sincere, earnest)
  • Gilbert (bright pledge)
  • Jordi (farmer, earth worker)
  • Miguel (who is like God)
  • Ojai (moon, satellite)
  • Nathanael (God has given)
  • Ned (wealthy guardian)
  • Rafael (God has healed)
  • Roderick (famous ruler)
  • Zorion (happiness)

Famous people with the name Eiden:

  • Eiden Almanzor (film director)
  • Eiden Hammer Andrea (film producer
  • Eiden Bai (actor)
  • Eiden Michael (television personality)
  • Eiden Lopez (writer)

Eiden in popular culture:

  • Eiden (electronics manufacturer in Kawasaki, Japan)
  • Eiden (protagonist of El Secreto de Eiden by C. C. Rodriguez)
  • Eiden (protagonist of Eiden Magia by Monique Mancini)
  • Eiden am See (hotel and landmark in Lower Saxony, Germany)