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When you hear Jeff, you likely think of a middle-aged man or your dad. This baby name is still a top 6,200 option. It is more informal and approachable than the full Jeffrey.

Meaning of the name Jeff:

English: pledge of peace,

Origin of the name Jeff:

Jeff originated as a nickname for Jeffrey. Jeffrey was a spelling variation of Geoffrey that came to be during Medieval times. Geoffrey originated in France, where it came from several Germanic elements. The second half of the name comes from “frid” and the first from “gawia,” “walha,” or “gisil.” The Normans spread the name to Europe after invading England, helping to create variations like Jeffrey.

Symbolism of the name Jeff:

The baby name Jeff translates to “pledge of peace” because it has the same meaning as Jeffrey and Geoffrey. The Germanic word “frid” translates to “peace” in English. The first half of the name has an unknown origin, but it likely means “pledge.”

Style of the name Jeff:


Gender of the name Jeff:

Jeff is a simple name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jeff:


Number of syllables in the name Jeff:


Emotion evoked from the name Jeff:

Jeff is an informal and simple name. It is strong and wholesome.

Alternative spellings for the name Jeff:

  • Jehf
  • Geoff
  • Geff
  • Jeoff
  • Gehf

Nicknames for the name Jeff:

  • Jiff
  • Jiffy
  • Jay
  • Jefs
  • Jefz
  • Jeffie
  • Jeffy

Popularity of the name Jeff:

Jeff was a top 1,000 baby name in America until 2002 at rank 974. It remained on the top 100 list from 1957 to 1968, ranking highest in 1962 at number 44. As of 2021, Jeff is a top 6,200 option at rank 6,145.

Related names for the name Jeff:

Great middle names for Jeff and their meanings:

  • Thomas (twin)
  • Nicholas (victory of the people)
  • Ryan (little king, descendent of the king)
  • Dominic (belonging to God)
  • Scott (from Scotland, Scotsman)
  • Andrew (strong, manly)
  • Lucas (bringer of light)
  • Allen (great, little rock, handsome)

Famous people with the name Jeff:

  • Jeff Flake (senator from Arizona)
  • Jeff Bridges (actor, “The Big Lebowski”)
  • Jeff Daniels (actor, “Dumb and Dumber”)
  • Jeff Beck (guitarist from The Yardbirds)
  • Jeff Dunham (ventriloquist)
  • Jeff Gordon (race car driver)
  • Jeff Saturday (football player)
  • Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon)

Jeffs in popular culture:

  • Jeff Reycraft (character from “Switched at Birth”)
  • Jeff Sussman (character from “The King of Queens”)
  • Jeff Albertson (character from “The Simpsons”)
  • Jeff Winger (character from “Community”)
  • Jeff Moreau (character from “Mass Effect”)
  • Jeff (character from “Young Sheldon”)
  • Jeff Piccirillo (character from “Kidding”)
  • Jeff Spicoli (character from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”)
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