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Lessie is a classic baby name used for both boys and girls. Lessie is also a fun way to shorten other similar names. Keep reading to discover more about the name.

Meaning of the name Lessie:

The most known about the baby name Lessie is that it has English origins. This is possibly because the name Lessie can come from common English names like “Lester” and “Leslie”.

Origin of the name Lessie:


Symbolism of the name Lessie:

Lessie has that classic feel to it. That way, the baby name can symbolize someone that has an old soul, someone who is well-learned and wise.

Style of the name Lessie:


Gender of the name Lessie:

Lessie is a name used for both baby boys and baby girls.

Pronunciation of the name Lessie:


Number of syllables in the name Lessie:


Emotion evoked from the name Lessie:

Lessie is a fun name that can elicit feelings of joy and excitement.

Alternative spellings for the name Lessie:

  • Lessy

Nicknames for the name Lessie:

Popularity of the name Lessie:

According to the Social Security Index, Lessie has ranked within the top 1000 for both boys and girls. Among baby boy names, it only ranked three times with the highest being in 1903 when it reached #880. For girls, Lessie ranked for decades, reaching its highest up to #233 in 1904.

Related names for the name Lessie:

Great middle names for Lessie and their meanings:



  • Jace (the Lord is salvation)
  • Irvin (handsome, fair of face)
  • Hayden (fire)
  • Rami (wise protector; pleasing; archer; father of multitudes)
  • Werner (protecting army)
  • Kenzo (strong and healthy)
  • Daniel (God is my judge)
  • Jeffrey (pledged of peace)

Famous people with the name Lessie:

  • Lessie Sachs (German-born American poet, artist)

Lessies in movies/pop culture:

Lessie does not seem to be a popular baby name used in pop culture.

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