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Rosio is a rare baby name with a floral feel for your little girl. It will help your daughter stand out, as it moves past options like Rose and Rosalie. Rosio is so rare that it is only on the top 28,000 list.

Meaning of the name Rosio:

Latin: rose dew

Origin of the name Rosio:

The baby name Rosio is a variation of Rosia. Rosia is the feminine form of Rosius, an ancient Roman option. Rosius comes from the ancient Latin word “rosa,” combining it with “ros.” Rosius and its variations became popular because of the ancient Roman consul, Rosius Regulus.

Symbolism of the name Rosio:

The baby name Rosio is a unique form of Rosia. Rosia is a variant of the ancient Latin name Rosius, which comes from the words “ros” and “rosa.” “Ros” translates to “dew,” and “rosa” means “rose.”

Style of the name Rosio:


Gender of the name Rosio:

Rosio is a classical baby name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Rosio:


Number of syllables in the name Rosio:


Emotion evoked from the name Rosio:

Rosio is a formal and unique baby name. It is classical and noble.

Alternative spellings for the name Rosio:

  • Roseo
  • Rosyo
  • Rossio
  • Rosseo
  • Rossyo

Nicknames for the name Rosio:

Popularity of the name Rosio:

Rosio has no records on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2021, it is only a top 28,000 option. More specifically, Rosio is at number 27,567 for girls.

Related names for the name Rosio:

Great middle names for Rosio and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Rosio:

There are no famous people with the baby name Rosio.

Rosios in popular culture:

There are no fictional characters with the baby name Rosio.

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