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Shellie is a unisex baby name that means “clearing on a bank”. Shellie is of Old English origin and comes from the surname Shelley. Shellie is a cute classic name rarely heard of as a boy’s name since the mid 20th century.

Meaning of the name Shellie:

English: clearing on a bank

Origin of the name Shellie:

Shellie is a unisex baby name of English origin. Shellie means “clearing on a bank” and comes from the Old English surname Shelley.

Symbolism of the name Shellie:

Shellie means “clearing on a bank” and is associated with symbols such as rivers and creeks. Rivers are associated with strong emotions, creativity, and passion.

Style of the name Shellie:


Gender of the name Shellie:

Shellie is a unisex baby name — it's given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Shellie:


Number of syllables in the name Shellie:


Emotion evoked from the name Shellie:

Shellie evokes feelings of respect and compassion.

Alternative spellings for the name Shellie:

Shelly, Shelley, Chellie, Chelly, Chelley

Nicknames for the name Shellie:

Popularity of the name Shellie:

According to the Social Security Administration, Shellie is a popular unisex baby name. For girls, Shellie was in the top 1000 baby names from 1950 to 1981. It peaked at #479 in 1970. For boys, Shellie only ranked in the top 1000 in one year, 1900, when it was #963.

Related names for the name Shellie:

Great middle names for the name Shellie and their meanings:


  • Argyle (from the land of the Gaels)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Theodore (gift of God)
  • Finn (fair, white)
  • Arlo (between two hills)
  • Jack (God is gracious)
  • William (resolute protection)
  • Oliver (olive tree)


Famous people with the name Shellie:

  • Shellie Morris (Australian singer-songwriter)
  • Shellie Hipsky (American author)
  • Shellie Ratliff (American model)
  • Shellie Sterling (American actress)
  • Shellie Blanks Cimarosti (American martial artist)

Shellie in popular culture:

  • Shellie (film, “Sin City”)
  • Shellie (film, “Barbie Fairytopia”)
  • Shellie (media, “Squishmallows”)
  • ShellieMay (Disney Parks, “Duffy and ShellieMay”)
  • Shellie Furniture (American furniture brand)
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