Yorkshire Pudding vs. Popover

In the world of pastries, Yorkshire pudding and popovers have shared history. If you want a delicious fruit pastry, you may find precisely what you are looking for in a versatile popover. However, if you try Yorkshire pudding, you will quickly find it is not exactly a dessert. It isn't typically eaten any time of day but uses the same ingredients as a popover. Why is this? How can two very similar treats be so vastly different? It all goes back to how each pastry was createdwhy, and how they are eaten

One thing remains the same, whether you want to eat a savory Yorkshire pudding or enjoy a sweet, fruit-filled popover. These delicious pastries are worth trying; both are equally delicious and flavorful treats to enjoy.

Are Yorkshire Pudding and Popovers the Same Thing?

On the surface, it would appear that Yorkshire pudding and popovers are the same thing. After all, they both combine eggs, flour, and milk to create a pancake-like batter. But if you are to eat a popover thinking it's the same thing as a Yorkshire pudding, you would be sorely disappointed. Yorkshire pudding and popovers have some significantly important differences. Let's review the differences below. 

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Yorkshire pudding is cooked in meat drippings, contributing to the savory flavor and deep color. On the other hand, popovers are cooked in butter or oil, giving them a sweeter taste.

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Yorkshire Pudding vs. Popover: What is the Difference?

The main difference between Yorkshire pudding and popovers will lie in the preparation methods. To bake Yorkshire pudding, the best method is to use an angled muffin pan. The angled pan gives the appearance of a tall, puffed top. Yorkshire pudding is not sweet. Instead, it's a savory dish often eaten alongside meats like roast beef or sausage. and mashed potatoes and gravy. Yorkshire pudding is also taller in appearance than its sibling, the popover. 

In comparison, a popover is very versatile. It can be sweet or savory. The origin stories of popovers say they were America's way of recreating the iconic Yorkshire pudding. However, the rumor is that they cooked it inside a deep-welled muffin pan and used butter instead of meat drippings. The batter spilled over the top, creating the iconic mushroom top that popovers are known for. While we are unsure of the true origins of the popover, this is a fun theory. The origin is another fundamental difference between the two. Yorkshire pudding became popular in the UK, while the popovers rose to fame in America. 

Homemade yorkshire pudding with redcurrant sauce on gray plates on concrete background.
Yorkshire pudding and popovers are close siblings that have several similarities. However, some differences are worth noting.


What is Yorkshire Pudding?

The Yorkshire pudding is originally from the United Kingdom. So, the story goes, Yorkshire pudding was a great way to save the meat drippings from the main courses. This pastry is great to enjoy with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a slice of savory meat. The Yorkshire pudding is whipped fast to create the batter and then sits at room temperature overnight. As a result, the muffin tins have meat drippings coated on them before cooking the batter. The resting overnight is supposed to allow the pudding to quadruple in size, according to the Tasting Table

Yorkshire pudding is a savory dish that many enjoy with main courses of hardy meat like roast beef. Sometimes the meat is even cooked into the Yorkshire pudding, giving a delicious and savory meal all on its own! Many different savory recipes give fun combinations to eat Yorkshire pudding.

Traditional Sunday roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings and gravy.
Yorkshire pudding is a savory pastry that many enjoy eating with gravy, mashed potatoes, and beef.

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What is a Popover?

A popover is a very close sibling to the Yorkshire Pudding. It looks similar and uses the same pancake-like batter. However, there are some differences. Popovers are very versatile. They are not only savory but can also be very sweet and made with a rich custard or sweet fruit filling. The fact that popovers are so versatile means that many different taste buds can enjoy this pastry. A custard-filled popover may do the trick if you are in the mood for something sweet. However, if you enjoy a savory morsel, a herbs and chives popover may hit the spot. 

Many believe popovers are simply an American copycat of the Yorkshire pudding; however, the true origins are not entirely known. Some believe the English settlers decided to bake the batter in a muffin tin that was slightly smaller and use butter instead of meat drippings. What occurred afterward was the mushroom-like top that “popped over” the top of the muffin tin, hence the name popover. The popover's versatility is one of this pastry's best attributes. It can be cooked in regular cooking oil or butter for a sweeter taste or meat drippings, like Yorkshire pudding, for a more savory taste. Regardless of what your taste buds enjoy, the popover is adaptable and has diverse recipes. whenever you walk into a bakery, you may be met with delicious options that allow you to enjoy the popover in many fabulous ways.

Popovers Fresh popover muffins are served on a white platter. Yorkshire pudding
Popovers are versatile and can be both savory and sweet. This allows many different taste buds to enjoy this tasty pastry!


Can You Substitute Yorkshire Pudding for Popovers or Popovers for Yorkshire Pudding?

This question is compelling because Yorkshire pudding and popovers are close to the same thing. They use the same batter; the main difference is their preparation. There is no need to substitute one for the other because they have the same batter ingredients. The only difference would be what type of pan you are using, what you are putting into the dishes, and what type of grease you use on the muffin tins. 

Yorkshire pudding and popovers are often baked in meat drippings and stuffed with mashed potatoes or a meat-like sausage. Whether you use an angled, large muffin tin, or a smaller one, will determine what your dish looks like. However, a Yorkshire pudding is never sweet. Therefore, one cannot substitute a Yorkshire pudding for a sweet popover, regardless if you cook your sweet popover in a large, angled muffin tin. It may look like a Yorkshire pudding. However, it will still be a popover. 

One Final Note

Yorkshire pudding and popovers are like close siblings. They look very similar and even have the same base ingredients. However, some main differences contribute to the end product. Yorkshire pudding was derived from the UK and initially created to use leftover meat drippings. It is delicious as a side dish with mashed potatoes and roast, or it can be stuffed with mashed potatoes or meat to create a filling and savory dinner all on its own. However, it is not a pudding, and it is not sweet. 

A popover, on the other hand, is an American version of Yorkshire pudding. However, it is more versatile. It can be both sweet and savory. There are many versions of popovers to try, from custard-filled popovers to herb and cheese popovers. The versatility is one of the aspects that makes this pastry so great! Whether you enjoy the savory flavor of the Yorkshire pudding or the incredible versatility of the popover, your taste buds will thank you when you bite into either of these delectable pastries. 

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