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Caryl is a unisex name of English origin. Originally, the name was used as the feminine version of the name Charles or Carl.

Meaning of the name Caryl

English: Free Person or Song
Welsh: Love
French: Strong

Origin of the name Caryl

Caryl comes from English origin.

Symbolism of the name Caryl

Caryl symbolizes love and a free spirit. This person loves to change and have adventures, always asking questions. People with the name Caryl are naturally inquisitive. They also have a huge desire to become a leader.

Style of the name Caryl


Gender of the name Caryn

Caryn is considered a unisex name, though the female use has become more popular over the years.

Pronunciation of the name Caryl


Number of syllables in the name Caryl


Emotion evoked from the name Caryl

Strength and love

Alternative spellings for the name Caryl

Nicknames for the name Caryl

Popularity of the name Caryl

The name Caryl boy name was the most popular around the 1930s. After that, it began to decline until about 1960 when it dropped to an even plane. The name Caryl girl name has always been more popular. The height of its popularity was around 1945 and then it began to decline.

Related names for the name Caryl

  • Coryelle
  • Karrel
  • Kiril
  • Kyril

Great middle names for Caryl and their meanings

  • Ashford (lives by the ash tree)
  • Dixie (I have spoken)
  • Lorian (laurel)
  • Rene (rebirth)
  • Lynne (lake or waterfall)
  • Bradlea (broad meadow)
  • Jordain (down flowing)
  • Correy (hill hollow)

Famous people with the name Caryl

  • Caryl Bagot (Irish Guards officer)
  • Caryl Thomas (Welsh rugby union player)
  • Caryl Churchill (English playwright)
  • Caryl Brahms (pen name of English writer Doris Caroline Abrahams)
  • Caryl Chessman (convicted robber and rapist)
  • Caryl Kristensen (American comedian)
  • Caryl Phillips (Kittitian-British writer)
  • Caryl Righetti (Swiss footballer)

Caryls in popular culture

  • Caryl Burtner (popular culture collector)
  • Carroll O’Connor starred as Archie Bunker in All In The Family
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