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Gladys is an old-fashioned baby name, coming from ancient Wales. It became popular at the turn of the twentieth century because of several romantic authors. As of 2021, Gladys is a top 4,200 option.

Meaning of the name Gladys:

Latin: lame, crippled
Welsh: country

Origin of the name Gladys:

The baby name Gladys originates from the Old Welsh option, Gwladus. Gwladus comes from the Welsh word “gwlad.” Some individuals believe that Gladys is the Welsh version of Claudia, a name that dates back to the New Testament.

Symbolism of the name Gladys:

Gladys likely originates from the ancient Welsh name Gwladus. Gwladus, as mentioned comes from the Welsh “gwlad.” “Gwlad” translates to “country.” Others believe that Gladys comes from Claudia, a variation of the Latin “claudus,” which means “lame” or “crippled.”

Style of the name Gladys:


Gender of the name Gladys:

Gladys is a vintage name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Gladys:


Number of syllables in the name Gladys:


Emotion evoked from the name Gladys:

Gladys is a kind and humble baby name. It is vintage and simple.

Alternative spellings for the name Gladys:

  • Gladis
  • Glladys
  • Glladis

Nicknames for the name Gladys:

  • Glad
  • Gladi
  • Glady
  • Lady
  • Ladys
  • Glay
  • Laly
  • Gigi

Popularity of the name Gladys:

The baby name Gladys was a top 50 name in America until 1930, ranking highest in 1901 at number 11. Gladys remained a top 100 option until 1937, remaining on the top 1,000 list until 1999. As of 2021, Gladys is a top 4,200 option at rank 4,131.

Related names for the name Gladys:

Great middle names for Gladys and their meanings:

  • Juliet (youthful, Jove's child)
  • Moira (destiny, share, fate)
  • Naomi (pleasantness, beautiful, gentle)
  • Amelia (work, industrious, striving)
  • Florence (blossoming, flourishing)
  • Claudia (lame, enclosure)
  • Adeline (noble, nobility)
  • Fleur (flower)

Famous people with the name Gladys:

  • Gladys Knight (singer for The Pips)
  • Gladys Cooper (actress)
  • Gladys Moncreiff (singer)
  • Gladys Blossom (Congresswoman from Maryland)
  • Gladys Hulette (silent film actress)
  • Gladys Gillem (pro wrestler)
  • Gladys Heldman (tennis promoter)
  • Gladys Presley (mother of Elvis Presley)

Gladys's in popular culture:

  • Gladys Eysenarch (character from “Jezebel”)
  • Gladys Biggs (character from “Meet Mr. Mulliner”)
  • Gladys Worsley (character from “Sylvia Scarlett”)
  • Gladys Hilman (character from “St Clare”)
  • Gladys Hannah (character from “Fran Bow”)