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Jasleen is a rare baby name that is intended to be gender-neutral. The name Jasleen has a gentle feel and sound. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Jasleen:

Sanskrit for “absorbed in singing God’s praises; absorbed in praise; engrossed in the fame God”.

Origin of the name Jasleen:

Jasleen has Indian roots as the name is found in the Sanskrit language.

Symbolism of the name Jasleen:

The baby name Jasleen can symbolize devotion, someone who has great admiration.

Style of the name Jasleen:


Gender of the name Jasleen:

Although the baby name Jasleen is meant to be gender-neutral, it may be more in use among girls.

Pronunciation of the name Jasleen:


Number of syllables in the name Jasleen:


Emotion evoked from the name Jasleen:

Jasleen manages to effortlessly evoke comfortable and refined feelings.

Alternative spellings for the name Jasleen:

  • Jazleen

Nicknames for the name Jasleen:

  • Jas

Popularity of the name Jasleen:

Based on information from the Social Security Index, Jasleen has never been a popular baby name as it has yet to rank within the top 1000.

Related names for the name Jasleen:

  • Jeslyn
  • Joslin
  • Jaclyn
  • Caileen
  • Kaleen

Great middle names for Jasleen and their meanings:


  • Imani (faith)
  • Bali (strength)
  • Uma (light, peace, nation)
  • Sansa (praise, charm)
  • Alisha (protected by God)
  • Priya (beloved)
  • Padma (lotus)
  • Carson (son of the marsh dwellers)


  • Viro (great hero)
  • Deepak (lamp, light)
  • Perry (dweller near a pear tree)
  • Kumar (a boy, a son)
  • Bodhi (awakening, enlightenment)
  • Rajiv (striped)
  • Tarak (star, protector)
  • Sanjay (triumphant)

Famous people with the name Jasleen:

  • Jasleen Royal (Indian singer, songwriter, composer)

Jasleens in movies/pop culture:

With Jasleen being such an uncommon baby name, it’s no surprise that there aren’t any signs of the name used in pop culture.



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