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Josue is a baby boy’s name popular in France, Spain, and Portugal as well as the US. It means “the Lord is my salvation” and is a variation of the Hebrew name Joshua. Josue has been growing in popularity in the US since 1971 and peaked in 2007.

Meaning of the name Josue:

French, Spanish, Portuguese: the Lord is my salvation

Origin of the name Josue:

Josue is a baby boy’s name that means “the Lord is my salvation”. It is the French, Spanish and Portuguese form of the Hebrew name Joshua.

Symbolism of the name Josue:

Josue comes from Joshua. In the Hebrew Bible, Joshua was a companion of Moses and accompanied him to Mount Sinai when he received the Ten Commandments from God.

Style of the name Josue:


Gender of the name Josue:

Josue is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Josue:


Number of syllables in the name Josue:


Emotion evoked from the name Josue:

Josue evokes feelings of charisma and compassion.

Alternative spellings for the name Josue:

Joshua, Josua

Nicknames for the name Josue:

Popularity of the name Josue:

According to the Social Security Administration, Josue is a popular baby boy’s name. Josue has been in the top 1000 baby names list since 1971. It peaked at #181 in 2007.

Related names for the name Josue:

Great middle names for the name Josue and their meanings:

  • Ellis (benevolent)
  • Griffin (strong lord)
  • Marco (warlike)
  • Timon (reward, honor)
  • Korbin (crow)
  • Jakob (supplanter)
  • Leon (lion)
  • Gabriel (God is my strength)
  • Filipe (lover of horses)
  • Isaac (laughter)

Famous people with the name Josue:

  • Josué Isaac Martinez Areas (Costa Rican footballer)
  • Josué Filipe Soares Pesqueira (Portuguese footballer)
  • Josue Wildor Paul (American NFL football player)
  • Josue Thomas (American fashion designer)
  • Josue Vargas Perez (Puerto Rican boxer)

Josue in popular culture:

  • Josué Koulèv (comics, “Brother Voodoo” series)
  • Josue (film, “Central Station”)
  • Josue Flores (comics, “A Year of Marvel”)
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