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Kaleah is a tropical baby name that you would hear in island culture. It originates from the tribal people of Hawaii. As of 2021, throughout all of America, Kaleah is number 2,606 for girls.

Meaning of the Name Kaleah

Kaleah is a variation of another Hawaiian baby name, Kalea. The two are closely related, with Kaleah only slightly more popular in America than Kalea. Both options are tribal Polynesian names originating from the Hawaiian islands. They translate to “joy” or “happiness.” Kaleah did not come to the continental United States until the twentieth century.

Kaleah has the same meaning as Kalea. Both translate to “joy” and “happiness” in the Hawaiian language. The definition carried to the rest of America when the names spread.

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Nicknames for Kaleah

Kaleah feels upbeat and fun-spirited. It is a tropical and international-sounding name and should be paired with a fun and exciting nickname. Below, we've created a list with fun nickname options like “Leah” and “Kay” to help get you inspired:

Kaleah Name Details

Style: Classical

Gender: Kaleah is traditionally considered to be a girls name.

Pronunciation: kah-LAY-ah or kah-LEE-ah

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spellings for Kaleah

  • Kalea
  • Khaleah
  • Khalea
  • Khalia 
  • Kalia
  • Kaliah
  • Khaliah

Kaleah Name Popularity

Kaleah has no history on the Social Security Popularity Index of America. As of 2021, it is just over a top 2,600 option for girls. More specifically, Kaleah is number 2,606.

Great Middle Names for Kaleah and Their Meanings

  • Millani (gentle caress)
  • Nadia (hope)
  • Noelle (Christmas Day, the Lord's birthday)
  • Allison (noble, exalted one)
  • McKenna (ascend, fiery love)
  • Olina (joyous)
  • Hayley (hay meadow)
  • Luanne (famous warrior, favor, grace)
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