Kiaan is a delightful baby name for boys. Known for its attractive spelling, Kiaan is popular among speakers of languages that range from Kurdish to Irish. It is also a memorable name in popular culture. Kiaan is the name of a mercenary in the Star Wars series, and Kiaan is also a character in That Valentine's Day by Ishita Bhuyan. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Kiaan:

Sanskrit, Persian, Kurdish: King
Irish: Ancient, enduring
Gaelic, Hebrew: God is gracious

Origin of the name Kiaan:

Kiaan is a unique baby name with several possible etymologies. In South Asia, Kiaan (or Kiyan) derives from the Sanskrit word कीआन (meaning “king”). Alternatively, Kiaan is also an alternative spelling of Kian. In Ireland, Kian is a variation of Cian (meaning “ancient” or “enduring”). Kian is also a dialectal variation of Keon or Ewan (Gaelic versions of John). Both names derive from the Hebrew phrase Yochanan (meaning “God is gracious”).

Symbolism of the name Kiaan:

Kiaan derives from a South Asian word for “king” or as an alternative spelling of Kian (meaning “ancient” or “enduring”). Famous bearers of the name include King Kian (Cian mac Máelmuaid) of Ireland as well as various rulers of Persia. In Persian and South Asian culture, the symbol of the king is the heraldic lion.

Style of the name Kiaan:


Gender of the name Kiaan:

Kiaan is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Kiaan:


Number of syllables in the name Kiaan:


Emotion evoked from the name Kiaan:

The name Kiaan evokes feelings of splendor and stature.

Alternative spellings for the name Kiaan:

Nicknames for the name Kiaan:

Popularity of the name Kiaan:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Kiaan was the 794th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Kiaan:

Great middle names for Kiaan and their meanings:

  • Akshay (indestructible, imperishable, immortal)
  • Ashoka (without sorrow)
  • Barack (blessing, lightning)
  • Deepak (light, candle, little lamp, bright flame)
  • Ennis (island, first choice)
  • Jermaine (brother)
  • Jinan (garden, paradise)
  • Locke (fortified place, enclosure, locksmith)
  • Majdi (glorious, praiseworthy, commendable)
  • Nihal (content, happy, joyous, successful)
  • Tristan (tumult, outcry)
  • Vikram (valorous, brave, strong)

Famous people with the name Kiaan:

  • Kiaan Arora (actor)
  • Kiaan Chopra (TikTok personality)
  • Kiaan Gupta (actor)
  • KiaanKapoor (son of businessman Sunjay Kapur and actress Karisma Kapoor)
  • Kiaan Jashan Kohli (television personality)
  • Kiaan Sharma (actor)

Kiaan in popular culture:

  • Kiaan (mercenary in the Star Wars series)
  • Kiaan (character in That Valentine's Day by Ishita Bhuyan)