Kyndal is a unique spelling variation of Kendall. This version is more popular among girls, but it remains a unisex option. As of 2021, Kyndal is number 3,597 for either gender.

Meaning of the name Kyndal:

English: valley on the river Kent

Origin of the name Kyndal:

Kyndal is a spelling variation of the baby name Kendall. Kendall was originally an English surname. It represented families from the town of Kendale in the northwest portion of the country. Parents created several spelling variations of Kendall after it became a given name in the twentieth century, including Kyndal.

Symbolism of the name Kyndal:

The baby name Kyndal has the same meaning as Kendall. Remember, Kendall was originally a surname that represented families from the town of Kendale. Kendale translates to “valley on the river Kent.”

Style of the name Kyndal:

Modern as a first name

Gender of the name Kyndal:

Kyndal is a unisex baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Kyndal:

KEN-dahl or KEHN-dul

Number of syllables in the name Kyndal:


Emotion evoked from the name Kyndal:

Kyndal feels youthful and trendy. It is a wholesome and unique baby name for boys or girls.

Alternative spellings for the name Kyndal:

Nicknames for the name Kyndal:

  • Kyn
  • Kynnie
  • Kynny
  • KK
  • Kiki

Popularity of the name Kyndal:

Kyndal was only a top 1,000 baby name for two years in America. In 2011, it was number 934, and in 2012, 981. As of 2021, Kyndal is a top 3,600 option. More specifically, this unisex baby name is at rank 3,597 for boys or girls.

Related names for the name Kyndal:

Great middle names for Kyndal and their meanings:

  • Avery (ruler of elves, wise)
  • Ryan (little king)
  • Oliver (olive tree, ancestor's descendants)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Emery (loving, busy, industrious, powerful, ruler)
  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Paige (helper, assistant)
  • Adrienne (man from Adria)

Famous people with the name Kyndal:

  • Kyndal Inskeep (pop singer)
  • Kyndal Ricks (YouTube star)
  • Kyndal Courvisier (actress, “Cackle and Red”)

Kyndals in popular culture:

There are no famous people with the baby name Kyndal.