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The baby name Leland is associated with an astronaut and with a rapper, to name a few. It is a name that was once a surname, though it does not have the typical last name sound that other popular unisex options do. Though around since the nineteenth century at least, Leland is a top 500 name as of 2022.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Leland:

Leland originated as a surname in England. It was meant for families of a town that was spelled the same and meant “meadowland” or “fallow land”. Leland became a standalone first name in the nineteenth century, and continues to be a popular option today.

Symbolism of the Name Leland:

Leland means “meadowland” or “fallow land” as it was a description of the town so named it. Families from the area obviously lived among rolling hills of meadows in England.

Nicknames for the Name Leland:

Leland is a sophisticated sounding name. If you're interested in this name, you'll likely want to know what options are available to you when it comes to nicknames. Check out the list:

Baby name Leland


Style of the Name Leland:


Gender of the Name Leland:

Leland is used for boys or girls, but it is primarily seen for males.

Pronunciation of the Name Leland:

LEE-lind or LEE-land

Number of Syllables in the Name Leland:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Leland:

Leland feels strong, serious, and proud. It is not arrogant though, as it has a bit of a simple nature to it.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Leland:

  • Leeland
  • Lealand
  • Leighland
  • Lelend
  • Lelund
  • Leyland

Popularity of the Name Leland:

Leland has been in use as a baby name in America for over a century. It was actually a top 200 name from 1915 to 1931 and again from 1933 to 1934. The name did decline in the late-twentieth century, but it is slowly increasing in popularity again. As of 2022, Leland is at rank 499, according to the Social Security Administration.

Great Middle Names for Leland and Their Meanings:

  • Bailey (berry clearing, bailiff)
  • Peyton (fighting man's estate)
  • Harlow (army hill)
  • Taylor (tailor, cutter of cloth)
  • Layton (dweller in the lane)
  • Arley (hare meadow)

Famous People with the Name Leland:

  • Leland Melvin (astronaut)
  • Leland Stanford (founder of Stanford University)
  • Leland Sklar (musician)
  • Leland Chapman (famous bounty hunter)
  • Leland Austin (rapper, Yung L.A.)
  • Leland Orser (actor, “Taken”)
  • Leland Hartwell (winner of Noble Peace Prize)
  • Leland Fitzgerald (main character from “The United States of Leland”)
  • Leland Palmer (character from “Twin Peaks”)
  • Leland Stottlemeyer (character from “Monk”)
  • Leland Fontaine (character from “Digital Fortress”)
  • Leland Wickstaff (character from “The Wish Giver”)
  • Leland Zevo (character from “Toys”)
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