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Royal is a trendy unisex option for boys or girls. It comes from the Old English and Old French word “royal.” In modern times, this option is number 404 for boys or girls.

Meaning of the name Royal:

English: royal, king
French: royal, king

Origin of the name Royal:

Royal first became a baby name option in the late nineteenth century. It grew in popularity throughout the twentieth century. The baby name Royal comes from the Old English and Old French word “royal.” “Royal” is a derivative of the Latin word “rex,” which translates to “king.”

Symbolism of the name Royal:

The baby name Royal translates to “royal.” It could also mean “king.” The word “royal” is a derivative of the Latin “rex,” which translates to “king.”

Style of the name Royal:


Gender of the name Royal:

Royal is a trendy unisex name for boys or girls.

Pronunciation of the name Royal:


Number of syllables in the name Royal:


Emotion evoked from the name Royal:

Royal feels youthful and trendy. It is a modern and refined baby name.

Alternative spellings for the name Royal:

  • Royall
  • Roial
  • Roiall
  • Royale
  • Roialle
  • Roiale

Nicknames for the name Royal:

  • Roy
  • Yal
  • Yaya
  • Roya
  • Royalty
  • Ro
  • Roro

Popularity of the name Royal:

Royal was on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index until 1971 when it was number 998. It came back in 2013 at rank 893. As of 2020, Royal is a top 500 option for boys or girls. It ranks at number 404.

Related names for the name Royal:

Great middle names for Royal and their meanings:

  • Lindsey (Lincoln's marsh, island with linden trees)
  • Cordelia (heart, daughter of the sea)
  • Myrah (aristocratic lady)
  • Eileen (beautiful bird)
  • Michael (who is like God?)
  • Liam (strong-willed warrior, protector)
  • Marcus (polite, shining, dedicated to Mars)
  • Sean (God is gracious)

Famous people with the name Royal:

  • Royal Neil (daughter of Lil Kim)
  • Royal Dano (actor, “Spaced Invaders”)
  • Royal Ingersoll (four-star admiral in the US Navy)
  • Royal Harbor (rapper)
  • Royal Rife (inventor)

Royals in popular culture:

  • Royal Gardner (character from “Anne of the Island”)
  • Royal Tenenbaum (character from “The Royal Tenenbaums”)
  • Royl Wilder (character from “The Little House” series)