Legacy is a powerful baby name that is used for both boys and girls. The baby name Legacy is one that comes with multiple origins. Read on to learn more about the name.

Meaning of the name Legacy:

English for “something inherited from a predecessor; a heritage”.

Origin of the name Legacy:

The name Legacy comes with English, Old French, and Latin roots. This is because Legacy is a word name from the English term “legacy”. This term comes from the Old French word “legacie”, which then comes from the Medieval Latin term “legatia”.

Symbolism of the name Legacy:

Legacy is a name that can symbolize immortality and eternity.

Style of the name Legacy:


Gender of the name Legacy:

The baby name Legacy is often used as a gender-neutral choice.

Pronunciation of the name Legacy:


Number of syllables in the name Legacy:


Emotion evoked from the name Legacy:

As a baby name, Legacy is one that carries a lot of weight with it. The name Legacy can feel strong, courageous, powerful, and booming.

Alternative spellings for the name Legacy:

Legacy is a baby name that does not have any popular alternative spellings.

Nicknames for the name Legacy:

There are no common nicknames used for the baby name Legacy.

Popularity of the name Legacy:

Legacy is relatively new in terms of popularity as the name has only made it on the top 1000 list of popular names in recent years. Based on information from the Social Security Administration, Legacy ranked as high as #710 for boys and #433 for girls both in 2021.

Related names for the name Legacy:

Great middle names for Legacy and their meanings:



  • Chosen (word name)
  • Rowan (rowan tree; little redhead)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Miles (soldier; merciful)
  • Levi (joined, attached)
  • Caleb (devotion to God)
  • Micah (who is like the Lord)
  • Rhys (ardor)

Famous people with the name Legacy:

  • Legacyname of American rapper, producer, member of New Boyz Dominic Thomas)

Legacys in movies/pop culture:

  • Legacy (alias for the Marvel Comics character Genis-Vell, AKA Captain Marvel)
  • Legacy (alternative name for DC Comics character Wizard)
  • “Legacy” (a 2010 film)
  • “Legacy” (a 2000 documentary film)
  • “Legacy” (a “Doctor Who” spin-off novel written by Gary Russell)