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When you hear the baby name Trinidad now, you may first think of the island destination. Originally, however, this was a popular baby name in Latin American cultures used among members of the Christian church. It is the Spanish translation of the word “trinity.”

Meaning of the name Trinidad:

Spanish: holy trinity

Origin of the name Trinidad:

Trinidad is a baby name for boys or girls that found use in Latin American countries for generations. It is the Spanish translation of the word “trinity,” making it popular among those of the Christian church. The baby name spread throughout America, however, in the mid-twentieth century.

Symbolism of the name Trinidad:

The baby name Trinidad means “holy trinity.” This meaning comes from the fact that the Spanish translation of “trinity” is literally, “Trinidad.”

Style of the name Trinidad:


Gender of the name Trinidad:

Trinidad is a place name used for boys or girls.

Pronunciation of the name Trinidad:


Number of syllables in the name Trinidad:


Emotion evoked from the name Trinidad:

Trinidad is a strong and formal choice for boys or girls. It is mature and serious.

Alternative spellings for the name Trinidad:

  • Trinnidad
  • Trynidad
  • Trinydad
  • Triniedad
  • Trineedad

Nicknames for the name Trinidad:

  • Trin
  • Triny
  • Trinny
  • Trinni
  • Trinnie
  • Trinity 

Popularity of the name Trinidad:

Trinidad consistently found a place on the top 1,000 list in America in 1916 at rank 809. It remained off and on this list until 1967 when it was rank 1,000. The best ranking Trinidad has received in America was in 1922 at number 488.

Related names for the name Trinidad:

Great middle names for Trinidad and their meanings:

  • Harmony (perfect unity)
  • Clara (clear, bright, famous)
  • Christian (follower of Christ)
  • Maxine (the greatest)
  • Noah (rest)
  • Louis (famous warrior)
  • Blair (plain, field)
  • Tava (eighth)

Famous people with the name Trinidad:

Trinidads in popular culture:

  • Trinidad and Tobago (set of islands in the West Indies)
  • Trinidad (name of a town in Cuba)
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