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Westyn is a unique spelling variation of Weston. Weston was originally a surname, turning into a given name option with several alternatives in the twentieth century. As of 2022, Westyn is a top 1,100 title for boys.

Meaning of the name Westyn:

English: west town, west enclosure, west yard

Origin of the name Westyn:

Westyn is a spelling variation of the baby name Weston. Weston was originally a surname in England. It did not become a given name option until the beginning of the twentieth century. Weston represented families who lived in the town of Weston. It came from the Old English words “west” and “ton.”

Symbolism of the name Westyn:

The baby name Westyn has the same meaning as Weston. Weston was originally a surname that represented families from a specific place. It came from the Old English words “west” and “tun.” “West” translates to “west,” and “tun” means “enclosure,” “yard,” or “town.”

Style of the name Westyn:

Modern as a first name

Gender of the name Westyn:

Westyn is a youthful name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Westyn:

WEHS-ten or WEHS-tun

Number of syllables in the name Westyn:


Emotion evoked from the name Westyn:

Westyn feels youthful and wholesome. It is a natural and strong baby name.

Alternative spellings for the name Westyn:

Nicknames for the name Westyn:

  • Wes 
  • West
  • Westie
  • Westi
  • Westy
  • Wessie
  • Wessy

Popularity of the name Westyn:

Westyn has no history on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index. As of 2022, it is a top 1,100 option. Westyn is number 1,035 for boys.

Related names for the name Westyn:

Great middle names for Westyn and their meanings:

  • James (supplanter)
  • Grey (grey-haired)
  • Hayes (hedged area, descendant of Aodh)
  • Jude (praised)
  • Broderick (reddish-brown, from the broad ridge)
  • John (God is gracious)
  • Theodore (gift of God, divine gift)
  • Alexander (defender of men)

Famous people with the name Westyn:

There are no famous people with the baby name Westyn.

Westyns in popular culture:

There are no pop culture references to the name Westyn.

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