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The 5 Richest Schools In New Mexico Will Blow You Away

Late afternoon in the Red Rocks area of Northern New Mexico featuring amazing colors and rock formations

The 5 Richest Schools In New Mexico Will Blow You Away

Welcome to a tour of the educational treasures in New Mexico, a state known for its stunning landscapes and diverse culture. In this post, we'll explore the richest schools that thrive in this state.

Every parent wants what's best for their child and finding the right school can be a major decision-making process. It's important to note that the institutions in this post aren't just the highest in tuition. They also offer students phenomenal learning experiences with modern facilities and experienced faculty, which is why the tuition tends to be higher. Keep in mind that other great schools in New Mexico offer lower tuition or are tuition-free as well.

Now let's take an in-depth look at the educational institutions that are leaving a lasting impact on their students and local communities. Here are New Mexico's richest schools, where academic excellence meets beautiful scenery.

St. John's College – Santa Fe

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St. John's College in Santa Fe is part of one of the oldest college systems in the country.


1160 Camino de Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Located in Santa Fe and just minutes from numerous outdoor activities is St. John's College. The school is just one minute from Atalaya Trailhead, thirty minutes from Santa Fe's ski basin, and forty-five minutes from mountain biking, water sports, and rock climbing. Activities play such an important part in St. John's culture that they have an Outdoor Program team that can help you organize and plan your next adventure. Additionally, the school focuses on art, physical fitness, and creativity.

St. John's College in Santa Fe is part of a larger program that originates and has deep roots in Annapolis. With its beginning in Maryland, St. John's College is the third oldest college in the country. It was originally founded in 1696 as The King William’s School. In 1784, the state of Maryland chartered St. John's and merged it with the King William's School. Four of the founders of the newly chartered school signed the Declaration of Independence. While the Annapolis campus grew over the next 200 years, it was decided to open the Santa Fe campus in 1964.

Tuition Information

The college was once known for its extremely high tuition rates, but in 2018, St. John's created a new philanthropy-centered financial model which reduced tuition significantly. Even so, this school is the most expensive in the state. Annual undergraduate tuition in Santa Fe is $37,842. Once other fees are included, the number raises to roughly $54,824 per year. Graduate tuition is calculated by credit hour at $1,149/hour. Semester graduate tuition ranges from $10,338 to $20,682. The school does offer some financial assistance, however, by giving students a chance to apply for loans, grants, and campus employment.

The University of New Mexico

PO Box 4895, Albuquerque, NM 87131

Located in the heart of Albuquerque on an 800-acre campus is The University of New Mexico. The school has received numerous rankings and awards over the years including an R1 Top-Tier Research University and a top 100 school in the nation from U.S. News and World Report. UNM is also known for its diversity as a part of the Minority Serving Institution Program. Additionally, the school has branch campuses in Los Alamos, Taos, Gallup, and Valencia County, giving students the flexibility to join classes from anywhere.

UNM was originally founded in 1889 as the state's flagship institution. Over time, the campus has grown and changed and now focuses on its signature Pueblo Revival architectural theme. This campus is also near Pueblo Indian villages with its location on the mesa.

Tuition Information

While UNM's tuition rate is one of the most affordable in the country, it's still one of the most expensive schools in the state. Tuition is broken down by in-state residents and out-of-state residents. If you live in New Mexico and decide to attend the university, the annual undergraduate tuition is $11,126. If you're a non-resident of New Mexico, tuition is $34,045. Other fees like room and board, food, and books are in addition to these numbers. Estimated full-time graduate tuition is $10,808 for in-state students and $29,681 for out-of-state students. The school does offer scholarships from its endowment fund, however.

Mission Academy

1730 Tierra de Mesilla, Las Cruces, NM 88005

Mission Academy is a unique and private school that enrolls students in K-12. What sets this school apart is its focus on real-world skills, entrepreneurism, and guided learning instead of taught learning. The curriculum is student-centered, meaning each student has individual goals and there is no homework or standardized testing. Additionally, each year, students get to build a small business from the ground up.

Mission Academy was originally founded in 2016 by Anna Emerick-Biad, a mother of six children. When she and her husband couldn't find the type of education they were looking for, they decided to create their own. Acton Academy Mesilla Valley was originally created from this endeavor. Over the past few short years, the school has grown to over 100 students and changed its name to Mission Academy.

Tuition Information

Tuition to Mission Academy is fairly straightforward. Pre-K through 12th grade all have an annual tuition amount of $9,500. There's also a yearly registration fee of $375. The school's website states they also offer financial aid for qualified families as they are a 501c3 nonprofit group. However, they do not mention any official endowment amounts.

Mountain View Private School

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Mountain View Private School offers a unique learning environment for kids aged 5-10.

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4100 New Vistas Ct NW A, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Mountain View Private School is part of La Petite Academy, one of the nation's largest educational facilities with 450 schools nationwide. As a private learning facility, Mountain View is accredited by the North Central Association and it's a member of the New Mexico Association of Non-Public schools. Classrooms are also relatively small with a student-to-teach ratio of 15:1, leaving time for individualized attention. Enrollment begins at age 5 through age 10 which falls in line with Kindergarten through 5th grade. Mountain View also offers before and after-school programs as well as electives like soccer, music, yoga, and Spanish, along with other programs.

Tuition Information

Tuition through La Petite Academy changes with each location, so the tuition for Mountain View Private School is not publicly posted online. However, according to PrivateSchoolReview.com, annual tuition is just over $8,000.

Eastern Hills Christian Academy

3100 Morris St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

As a small, private, Christian school in Albuquerque, Eastern Hills Christian Academy enrolls students in preschool through eighth grade. EHCA puts a high emphasis on education with 100% of the school's standardized testing scores above the national average. Additionally, the focus of the school is heavily on providing a Christian environment for students, preparing children for advanced education, and partnering with parents to create a community. The school was founded in 1973 and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Tuition Information

Tuition at EHCA is broken down by grade level. Preschool classes vary depending on how many days a student attends and ranges from $5,504 to $7,970. Kindergarten tuition is $8,390 annually while grades 1-5 owe $8,640. Middle school rates are higher at $8,890 per year. The school does do quite a bit to offer tuition assistance, however, with 41% of its students receiving financial aid. Eastern Hills Christian Academy also offers discounts and has awarded over $100,000 to families in need through its Financial Assistance Fund.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, these schools demonstrate their dedication to providing an exceptional education. While they may come with higher tuition, remember that New Mexico offers a diverse range of educational options to suit different needs.

Let's celebrate the commitment to quality education and ensure every child has the opportunity to thrive. New Mexico's schools are key to creating a brighter future, enriched by exceptional education found within its beautiful landscapes.

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